Tokidoki All Over Character Hoodies

I am so excited, I just bought my Tokidoki All Over Character Hoodie from Metropark!

All Over Character Hoodie

They are only $86 retail, so don’t pay ebay prices! I really hope they add this hoodie soon too:

New All Over Character Hoodie

9 Responses to “Tokidoki All Over Character Hoodies”

  1. lily says:

    so where can you get these at cause i HAVE to get one!

  2. tokidokiblog says:

    Metro Park had them, but they are sold out in their online store now. If you live near one of their retail stores, try looking there!

  3. loli says:

    “the orphinage” in san diego still has 3 or 4 left in stock but you have to email then& they will ship it to you for 5 bucks !!

  4. loli says:

    sorry price is $ 79 dollars …
    they have a ton of TD stuff too

  5. rastaman 86 says:

    mean the jacket…..i think i going gettum for my jacket…since she ain’t got style like i doooo

  6. krisha says:

    call me a late bloomer, my apologies. I really want the first hoodie but I can’t find it even at a high price on eBay or Google-product search.

    so sad :(!

    you’re very busy, but if you ever have a free moment and an idea of how I could go about searching for these I’d really appreciate it!

  7. admin says:

    krisha, the first hoodie has been sold out for a long time – at this point your only chance of finding one is to keep watching eBay.

  8. krisha says:

    will do. thank you so much for the promp response :) :) :)

  9. Where could i buy a tokidoki hoodie (the black thunder cloud one)!?!?!?!?


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