Tons of New Stuff at JapanLA, Including the All-Over Print Girls’ Hoodies

JapanLA has the grey Tokidoki all-over print hoodies for girls in stock now! They are $84 each. They look just like the men’s version – grey all-over print with the storms, bullets, and other characters.
They also got in the new t-shirts, 2 tank tops (momo peaches all over the front, and a light yellow flower tank), dresses, a grey pull-over girls’ hoody with Sandy, Bastardino, and Polpettina on the front, and more guys’ pull-over hoodies (I heart LA – only15 of these – and an Adios star hoody in black with Fantasminos on the back).


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  1. MaSRade says:

    Any idea where I might be able to hunt down a womens version of his colorful geisha hoodie (other than eBay – I’m always skeptical of the authenticity).

    I love the blog, keep up the good work!

  2. tokidokiblog says:

    MaSRade, which hoodie are you calling the colorful geisha hoodie – the first peach-colored all-over print hoodie?

  3. MaSRade says:

    Yeah! I had forgotten what it was called, but yes – the all over print.

  4. tokidokiblog says:

    ShopOsun still has it in stock if you need a small or medium. Their link is in the post about dresses farther down the page.

  5. Latte says:

    Would you happen to know the difference between the men’s version and the women’s version? Or where can I find the men’s grey-all over hoodie? I’ve seen the women’s at metropark but was wondering if a men’s version was out yet. Thanks!

  6. tokidokiblog says:

    The mens’ versions of these hoodies run a lot bigger and don’t have the crystal Tokidoki logos on the one pocket. If I remember correctly, they also don’t have the heart stitching over the pockets or the characters printed on the hoodie drawstrings. The mens’ version came out before this one – I know JapanLA got them in but I’m not sure if they have any left. Try calling them.

  7. suxie says:

    where to get them at

  8. suxie says:

    where to get them at?

  9. Nina says:

    dude, i just got this hoodie but im so scared it might be fake. i think i got over charged too.. i totally forgot how much i paid. lol.

  10. Eryn says:

    Where is JapanLA? I want to buy some clothes! Please tell me!!

  11. admin says:

    It’s in LA (Los Angeles). Click the link at the beginning of this post for their exact address.


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