How to Pronouce All Things tokidoki Correctly

Thanks to Paulie for this list!

adios: ah-dee-os
andiamo: an-dee-ah-mo
angioletto: an-joe-let-o
arancia: ah-ran-chah
bacio: bah-choh
bambino: bam-bee-no
bambinone: bam-bee-no-në (as in never)
bella: bell-ah
buon viaggio: boo-on vee-a-joe
camo: cam-oh
caramella: car-ah-mel-a
caramellina: car-ah-melina
ciao: chow (pronounced as in owl)
ciao ciao: same as above
citta rosa: chee-táh ro-sah (with accent on the “táh” as in taco)
corriere: core-yeh-reh
cucciolo: ku-chee-oh-lo
denaro: den-are-oh
dolce: doll-chë (as in chester)
famiglia: fa-mee-lee-a
foresta: for-ës-ta ( ës as in the letter S)
gioco: gee-oh-co
inferno: in-fher-no (fher as in fertile)
l’amore: la-more-ëh / amore: ah-more-ëh
latte: lah-tëh
luna: loo-na
mamma mia: mah-mah mee-a
nuvola: noo-voh-la (noo as in noon)
paradiso: pah-rah-dee-so
pirata: pee-rah-ta
portatelefono: por-tah-tëlé-foh-no
scuola: sku-oh-lah
Simone Legno: see-mo-neh leh-gnio
spiaggia: spee-ah-jah
stellina: stel-ee-na (as in stellar)
trasporto: tras-pór-toh (por as in pork)
trenino: trë-nee-no
tutti: too-tee
vacanze: vah-can-tse
zucca: zoo-cah

30 Responses to “How to Pronouce All Things tokidoki Correctly”

  1. TEHFANGER says:

    haha! this is brilliant! =D

  2. Brie says:

    Amazing I knew some of the words even though I don’t speak italian but most of these words sound the same in spanish but spelled differently.

  3. brenda says:

    I’ve been saying dolce and pirata all wrong!

  4. Rebekah says:

    This is such a clever idea! :D

    …Should ciao and ciao ciao be switched, though? Switched as in the order they’re in?

  5. Rebekah says:

    *Shouldn’t, not should

  6. Rebekah – yes, they should. I’ll fix that – didn’t notice it when I alphabetized the list.

  7. J. Fisk says:

    Is it really bell-ah
    and not bay-yah
    like it would be in spanish? the “ll” makes a “yuh” sound

  8. paulie says:

    it is bell-ah, the “ll” sounds like a single L in italian, unlike spanish. and it wouldnt be “bay-yah” if it was the case anyway, but “beh-ya” if it was based in a spanish pronunciation.

  9. Elisabetta says:

    Grazie mille!

  10. J. Fisk says:

    …In Spanish, the “e”s are pronounced like “a”s.

  11. paulie says:


    thats the spanish pronunciation. spanish is my first language, being born and raised in panama.

  12. Phyllis says:

    yup italian is not all that hard to pronounce (at least for native english speakers…). all the vowels are pronounced, and there are very few silent sounds or awkward rules.

    I went to italy last september and never spoke a word of italian before that. used a self-taught CD on and off for about a month before the trip and now I can pronounce anything toki that i see coming out! :D

  13. dangster says:

    The only Italian pronunciation rule that I always seem to forget is that “ci” = “chee”. And because of that, I’ve been pronouncing “citta rosa” as “sitta rosa” in my head all this time :D

  14. Rebekah says:

    Haha, I never knew citta was “chee-ta!”

  15. Serita says:

    I’m glad it’s Citta (chee-tah) because that’s what I’ve been saying but all these sales clerks have been trying to correct me. All of them that I have come across say ‘Seeta’.

  16. giang says:

    my italian teacher pronounces all the “cio”s and “gio” like cho’s and jo’s ?_?

  17. giang says:

    without the ee’s in the middle

  18. tokimagic says:

    This was a really cute idea. I knew how to say most of the names because I speak Spanish, but I got tricked a couple of times by the Italian pronounciation. =P

    I think maybe there should also be a list of all the Tokidoki characters!! Do they ALL have names? There’s Bastardino & Polpettina, Adios & Ciao Ciao, Sandy, Mozzarella, Gatto? … but do the rest of the cuties also have names?
    Does the little smiling tiger in Foresta have a name? He’s soooooo cute!! I love him!!

  19. NiseBaby says:

    how do you pronounce Corriere?

  20. shannon says:

    How do your pronounce tokidoki haha

  21. Scilla Bonaventura says:

    This is an EXCELLENT IDEA, but there are some mistakes… sorry :( .As Giang ( Aug 2, 2007) stated, “gio” is like “joe”, gia is “jah” and never “gee-oh” or “gee-ah” regardless of someone’s italian accent. (Same of course goes for “cio” and “cia”) The “i” is this case is simply there to denote a “ch” sound as in “choh” and “chah”. (Italian is my first language). BTW for NiseBaby: Corriere is pron. core-yeh-reh. THANKS AGAIN for the list!

  22. Scilla – Thank you – I attempted to edit the list accordingly (hopefully I got it right – I am not the author of this list & can’t speak Italian at all).

  23. cereza says:

    Good Idea! my first language is Spanish, and I know the meaning of any item of tokidoki, because Italian seems the lenguage Spanish but the pronuntiation is so different.

    seeing the list, I can pronunciate as it is writen?? Is that OK???
    or is English??
    for example, a–>pronuntiate ‘ei’ in English.
    Thank you for the list.

  24. cereza – This list was created for English speakers, so think English instead of Spanish pronunciations when using it.

  25. gem says:

    How would you pronounce the names of new bags like Bacio?

  26. gem – Good question, hopefully an Italian speaker will be able to answer for us.

  27. scilla says:

    gem – it’s pronounced bah – choh. hope this helped ;)

  28. marline says:

    thanks for the list but how do you pronouce amazing in spanish

  29. my blog says:

    check this out

    this is mine

  30. ali says:

    you forgot about pronouncing tokidoki!
    people pronounce it TOE-KEY DOE-KEY
    but its wrong
    you pronounce like this:

    ReplyRepl y

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