Catching Up Again

I’m back again for a few days and catching up on tokidoki news, comments, and e-mails (check my Infrequent Posting Alert if you haven’t seen it yet). Here is a run-down of updates:

1. The tokidoki for LeSportsac Web site has finally been updated, and they have both Tutti and Trasporto bags for sale online now! It appears that the official spelling of the Trasporto print does not include an “N” after all. The inventory that they have shows that the Bella, Braccialetto, Bocce and Corriere styles are no longer available. Caramella and Mamma Mia style bags will only be available in Hawaii and Guam for the last 3 prints. There is also one new bag style – the Avventura. I tried the Avventura on at Macy’s, and it is HUGE. Readers have also spotted Trasporto bags on eBay and at A. Okay Official in Chicago, and JapanLA reported that they have their shipment of Trasporto bags in now too.

2. The Southampton LeSportsac outlet is having a Labor Day Sale: 40% off all tokidoki bags for ONE day only, which is TODAY (Monday, September 3rd)!

3. The upcoming tokidoki for Onitsuka Tiger colaboration that I first posted about in this SDCC post and this SDCC post has been confirmed on both the tokidoki and Onitsuka Tiger Web sites, and we can expect two collections of sneaker designs per year for the next two years, beginning in May 2008.

4. Reader Leigh reported that a Macy’s store near Atlantic City, NJ has Pirata and Bianco print tokidoki bags on sale for 50% off in an unmarked sale, so check your local Macy’s to see if they are offering the same deal.

5. The Fall 2007 line of tokidoki clothing is out at all of the stores now. Karmaloop has 5 new pieces of tokidoki clothing up now, and they are 20% off if you use Karmaloop coupon code SR426 in the Rep Code field at checkout. I’m kicking myself for not waiting to get the lattes and moofia all-over print tee from them!

6. Photos of a Vacanze Avventura and a Vacanze Zucca have been found on Giant Peach News.

29 Responses to “Catching Up Again”

  1. Kiesha says:

    has the caramella been discontinued too?

  2. Keisha – apparently not, because I have seen Tutti caramellas. I’m not sure if Trasporto caramellas will be made or not though. (I just updated this post with the Caramella info.)

  3. amy says:

    Will the Southhampton outlet be doing phone orders today? I imagine they are busy over there, but I left a messege.

  4. Yes, they are taking phone orders today.

  5. Julieee says:

    please can someone tell me if this bag is real? my boyfriend wants to get it for me but i’m not going to let him waste his money.
    pirata gioco bag

  6. Julieee, it’s real. Check out my Guide to tokidoki Fakes for confirmation.

  7. kathy says:

    Finally, living in Hawaii has a perk.

  8. Sharon says:

    I would think living in Hawaii has many perks!!! lol!!! But, of course Tokidoki specials are sweet perks!

  9. Lily Lin says:

    RAWR. It’s so hard for me to get Tokidoki bags, I can’t find them anywhere in New York! >_<
    I got myself a Adios Star Gioco at the Woodbury Common’s outlet.
    It’s okay but I’m not satisfied!
    The Vacanze print is so freaking adorable, I’m so getting myself one!!

  10. June says:

    Hey, I just tried going into the Lesportsac website to order the trasporto gioco with the coupon code DCPROMO… it says it does not accept it =(

    BTW, I’m from HI and my 2day UPS shipping is $33 sucky huh !

  11. kathy says:

    June, what sites do you order from?

  12. Julieee says:

    thank you! i just wanted to make sure. =]
    because i just started looking at the bags on ebay yesterday.
    i read your whole thing about how to spot a fake bag.

  13. happysmoke says:

    anyone from hawaii can list phone number of retailer with caramella and mamma mia of last three prints mainly just tutti and trasporto for right now,since vacanze not out yet MUST HAVE THESE ;D PLEASE HELP

  14. happysmoke says:

    oh sorry anyone in guam that can leave phone number of retailers that have caramella and mamma mia in trasporto and tutti. THANKS!

  15. Sharon says:

    The DCPROMO code does not work anymore…it was for the summer line which is gone from the site.

  16. Mickey says:

    Wow, I totally wasn’t sur about the TRANSPORTO vs. TRASPORTO…thanks for the info, Steph! Have you gotten yours yet?

  17. Joanna says:

    wait so the mama mia will be discontinued with the vancanze?!!!!!!! They off the trasporto in the mama mia style online…… I don’t mind buying the bag online i guess if shipping isn’t too expensive.

  18. Joanna says:

    wait hold on i just checked again. i lied. sobs, but but i love the mama mia style!!

  19. omgggg i missed the sale!!! ;p darn…. >.<

  20. joanna says:

    When does the Vancanze print come out? I have a friend who just happens to live in Honolulu hehe. I hope she lives near a Macy’s…..

  21. Annie says:

    @happysmoke : there is a lesportsac boutique at the micronesia mall and the dfs (duty free shop) sells lesportsac too, but i don’t know what they have in stock (i’m not on island).

    dfs info i found online:
    Customer Service
    Tel: 671.646.9640/9641

    Couldn’t find a number for lesportsac, but here’s a number for micronesia mall, customer service should be able to find their number for you:
    MICRONESIA MALL 632-8881

    @joanna : btw, if your friend can look for a dfs outside of the airport, they were selling a variety of bags too. oh, there was also a lesportsac boutique in the airport (it was closed when i was there though *pout*)

  22. Annie says:

    @joann, june & kathy: not sure if you’ve ever checked out the lesportsac boutiques on oahu, i found a bunch on google maps. (i’ve never been there myself).

    Google map for oahu

    according to one of the girls i spoke to at lesportsac on guam, the web page is a month behind and they sometimes will release new prints a week or so early (not sure if it’s the same in hawaii).

  23. Brie says:

    That’s a sweet deal for SouthHampton Lesportsac! I know that macys in riverside had a 25% on Pirata and Adios Star bags but I don’t know if they still have any since its been a while.

    Its nice to see ya Stephanie. I also haven’t been here since school started. But now I got a chance.

  24. Julia DeMuth says:

    Hi There,

    I just discovered Tokidoki bags and want to learn about the characters. Is there a comprehensive resource for this? Also, I want to buy a backpack for my daughter who is seven. Is there a particular design that you would recommend? Thanks so much.

  25. meghan says:

    i’m not sure why people were so confused over whether trasporto had an N or not. try typing “transporto” into an italian-to-english translator…it’s not even a word!

  26. Kathy says:

    I usually go to the LeSportsac at Ala Moana Mall in Honolulu. My friends tell me they’re building a mega LeSportsac in Waikiki.
    When I went to the airport, my family passed the LeSportsac boutique where they were selling Paradiso, Inferno, and the spring/summer seasons. Too bad they were closed.

  27. Brie says:

    Julia DeMuth:

    Scoulas are nice and for your daughter I would recomend a print like Paradiso, Foresta, Citta, L’Amore, or Transporto for her. L’Amore Scoulas are very hard to find but the rest is kinda easy to find on ebay.

  28. EM says:

    The 40% off sale is still on at the LeSportsac outlets! Stock is low and a little picked over but still marked down!

  29. Menehune says:

    I live in Hawaii, and I wanted to mention that I also saw a Bella and Corriere style in the Trasporto print. I thought they were discontinued as well, but there they were sitting on the display shelf. One thing about the Lesportsac bags in Hawaii, is that they are a higher price than the Lesportsac website. =( At least we have a few styles that other places don’t have….


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