Update for tokidoki Fans in Singapore

A reader from Singapore wrote in to let me know that the LeSportSac store in Singapore still has tokidoki bags in the following prints in stock: Notte, Fumo, Paradiso, Inferno (Canguro only), Spiaggia, Bianco, and Tutti. There are many bags left in the Bella, Nuvola and Stellina styles. There are a few Ciaos left in the Paradiso and Spiaggia prints only, and Denaros are totally sold out. Vacanze print bags should be arriving soon, probably later this month.

4 Responses to “Update for tokidoki Fans in Singapore”

  1. Wa Wa says:

    Hi, I have been looking for a Spiaggia Ciaos desperately. Please let me know if any Singaporing can help and send me the bag to the US or you can send it to my in-law in Malaysia. Thanks.

  2. Wa Wa says:

    Sorry, I meant for Singaporean. Thanks.

  3. Amanda says:

    hey! is it possible for you to ask the sender which lesportsac store it is? cause in Singapore we don’t have a whole lesportsac store by itself only small section in department stores.
    if i’m not wrong.. the person is referring to the DFS (duty free shop) in singapore

  4. gina says:

    hi! you said singapore still carries the bella style? can you please tell me if it comes in the tutti print and how much it is? thank you! also, where’s it available? i’ll try to go to singapore. thanx!


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