Tokidoki Bag Archived Updated

I did a lot of updating to the Tokidoki Bag Archive this weekend. The Spring 2007 season is now completely up, and so is the late Spring 2007 release of L’Amore. I am missing pics of the L’Amore Bambino and Corriere though, so if you have good quality photos of either of these bags against a plain white background, please send them to me.* I will move on to getting the Summer and Fall 2007 prints up next!

*Thanks to Irene for sending in a L’Amore Bambino photo and to Brooke for sending in a L’Amore Corriere photo!
Thanks also to Donna for the L’Amore dolce photo in the Archive. :)

4 Responses to “Tokidoki Bag Archived Updated”

  1. Brie says:

    Omg! I swear to god I saw L’Amore pic of the Corriere style on ebay and I know its not with a white background but I know that I can kinda fix it. I am trying to look for it so I don’t know if the action ended or not.

  2. Jenn says:

    Isn’t there someone on the LJ tokidoki journal who has collected all the L’amore bags, including the Corriere? I can’t remember her username off the top of my head.

  3. Jenn says:

    Oh by the way, nice job on the archive. I know that must consume a lot of time, but it is very much appreciated!

  4. admin says:

    Jenn – There is, but I can’t remember her username either. I am hoping that she will see this post.


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