Southampton LeSportsac Outlet 65% Off tokidoki Sale Extended Until Monday

The Southampton LeSportsac Outlet’s 65% off sale on tokidoki bags has been extended until Monday, according to an SA that Cleofe spoke to over the phone today.  If you read about the sale too late on Friday, you get one more chance to order by phone on Monday.

25 Responses to “Southampton LeSportsac Outlet 65% Off tokidoki Sale Extended Until Monday”

  1. d1000 says:

    YEAH!!! I want to place another order!!! (bad for my wallet :p)

  2. gwenny says:

    yesssss!!! I’m hoping they’ll still have a paradiso luna for me >__

  3. Janet says:

    d1000 i know what you mean :( i’m trying to buy a wallet… and thats bad for my wallet

  4. Jessica says:

    I want a paradiso luna too. =) Does anyone know what time does the store open? Also, does anyone know the time difference between NY and CA? Thanks in advance.

  5. Jenn says:

    I’m pretty sure they’re about three hours ahead of us. My friend says they open at around 8 or 9 (I’m betting around 9). Happiness! I can finally get a Nuvola at not such a bad price.

  6. martin says:

    they’re ~3 hours ahead.
    if it’s 5 am in CA, it’s 8 am in NY.

  7. tokipoki says:

    How much is shipping?

  8. whimsicalbunny says:

    I believe the shipping is a flat rate of $8.50.

  9. gwenny says:

    I gave them a call today thinking I’d just get a machine and at least figure out their store hours, but someone actually picked up! I got a Paradiso Luna and a Paradiso Trenino for about $174 shipped =D =D maybe you guys should give a call today too and avoid being put on hold!

  10. maybelline says:

    Calling them today is worth a try. I called on Saturday morning 5 minutes before they opened just to see if the sale was still going on and the sales associate was kind enough to take my order even though they don’t usually do phone orders on the weekend! I got a Paradiso Nuvola and a Adios Star Nuvola for $148 shipped!

  11. Cleofe says:

    hello all! they are taking orders today (sunday 11/25) up until 5pm (eastern standard time). Lindsey is there taking phone orders.

  12. admin says:

    I’m so tempted to get something from the sale just because the prices are so amazing, but I keep talking myself down because there is nothing that I want/need left. :p

  13. Janet says:

    no more adios star denaros :'(….

  14. Jenn says:

    I think they’re giving additional discounts or something because my Fumo Nuvola ended up being incredibly cheap (60 dollars), and I ordered a Fumo Ciao Ciao for a friend as well, the total becoming like 130 dollars and change including shipping and handling. Happiness!

  15. delsey says:

    Got a Fumo Denaro for myself, and another as a gift. What a deal!

  16. tokipoki says:

    Are any of the items above sold out =[? I bet it is, but better to know before ordering…

  17. stephanie says:

    have you heard anything about famiglia hitting the outlet?

  18. admin says:

    Congrats to everyone getting good deals!

    tokipoki – Adios Star denaros are sold out, and probably a bunch of other items are selling out by the minute as well. The only way to know for sure if they have what you want is to call and ask if it’s still left.

    stephanie – I haven’t heard anything about Famiglia hitting the outlet – unfortunately that will probably not happen, since Famiglia was not sold on the LeSportsac website or in LeSportsac boutiques.

  19. Annie says:

    good luck calling. I’ve been trying since they opened at 10am & I’m still getting a busy signal (it’s now 11:11) *sigh*

  20. gracer says:

    Been trying since 7:30 am Cali time and it’s been non-stop busy :(

  21. Jessica says:

    Same here! I can’t get through, all I here is a beeping sound. Initially, I called at what would be 9am in NY and got a machine telling me that they would open in an hour. I hope they still have a paradiso luna left.

  22. Ryane says:

    I called about 10 till 7am PST this morning and spoke with Tracy (I think) who said they’d just gotten into the store and to give her a few minutes and call back (which I did about 3 minutes after 7) and I got a busy signal for about 10 minutes before I got through again. But eventually I got my Adios Portatelefono for $20.16!!!!!!

    Currently trying to hint to my fiance to get me the Adios Nuvola before the sale ends today :)

  23. Linda says:

    I called about 1:15 EST and it took 10 minutes to get through. I ordered an Adios bambinone and a porta. They were sold out on fumo porta. Good luck to everyone on getting what they want :)

  24. tokipoki says:

    Yay I got through. I also talked to Tracy! She was nice about me calling in twice and whatnot (I wanted to see if there was any dolce and other styles left). I also got my babinone and porta for the adios star! :D Mine came to a total of about $87 with s/h like $30 for the porta =\ how come everyone else got a bigger discount! haha it’s okay! I’m glad I got some bags for cheap!

    Thanks Stephanie for posting the deal!

  25. Jenn says:

    Man, thanks to Cleofe for letting us know about them taking phone orders on Sunday. Beats having to be on hold. But glad to hear a lot of people still got through today. :)


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