Southampton 65% Off Sale on tokidoki Bags is Still On

Reader Blue just let me know that she ordered a Fumo Ciao and Bianco Bambinone from the Southampton LeSportsac outlet today and that they still gave her 65% off on both bags. She didn’t ask how much longer the 65% off sale would be extended, but if you couldn’t get through on the phone yesterday, it can’t hurt to still try calling to ask if the sale is still on!

UPDATE: The sale will continue until their tokidoki inventory sells out.

7 Responses to “Southampton 65% Off Sale on tokidoki Bags is Still On”

  1. Jenn says:

    Does anybody have an updated list of what’s left? Sounds like it was a madhouse on Monday.

  2. Yenni says:

    Hi! Can someone please post updates of what they have left? and are there any other prints?? Thanks!!!

  3. Ryane says:

    no more adios denaros, got myself an adios nuvola though! And I got through on the first try, for some reason they aren’t as swamped with phone orders as they were on Monday according to the girl I spoke with.

  4. Karyn says:

    Just got off the phone, they have Fumo, Adios Star & Bianco left…got a Fumo Ciao & Denaro for $80 :D

  5. tokipoki says:

    I always ask about shipping.. hehe.. anyone know how long does it take for you to receive the bags? I’m from Minnesota. I’m guess with UPS, it’s about a week? Or two.. =\

  6. d1000 says:

    i believe shipping is via UPS ground for a flat rate of $8.50. I am in CA and it will take a week to get my bag from NY. I am guessing it will be 3 days for you.

  7. admin says:

    I e-mailed them today to ask for an updated stock list, but I was expecting them to be too busy to reply, which they were. Just call to ask what’s left in stock – I’m sure that items are selling out too quickly for them to update the list.


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