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More Thanksgiving Sales at Shops that Sell tokidoki

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

Karmaloop has select styles of tokidoki t-shirts, hats, and keychains on sale (including the super-cute Latte t-shirt, which I just ordered from them!). Plus you can get their sale items for even cheaper if you use Rep Code SR426 at checkout (20% off your first order, 10% off each order after), which can make for some very sweet deals. They still have some tokidoki bags available too.

Panik’s Toy Box is offering an extra 15% off any in-stock merchandise (gift certificates and pre-orders not included) when you spend $50 or more starting today (11/21/07) and running through Monday, 11/26/07. Use coupon code HOL15 at checkout for this discount. If you shop with them on Black Friday (11/23/07) between midnight and 8:00am EST, you earn TRIPLE Panik Points on all your purchases, and DOUBLE Panik Points from 8:00am – Midnight EST on 11/23/07.

Metropark is offering 10% off tokidoki (and every item in their store) both in stores and online – on Friday, November 23rd from store opening until 11:00am ONLY. They are also offering an additional 50% off clearance items Nov. 24th – Nov. 25th only.

Pulse is having an Early Bird Sale on Friday, November 23rd ONLY: 20% off between 9:00am and 12:00 noon (coupon code: black20), and 15% off from 12:00 noon to 8:00pm (coupon code: black15). These discounts are valid only when purchasing 2 or more items, sale items are excluded, and this offer is not valid on any previous purchase. Pulse also has 3 fall 2007 tokidoki hoodies and a fall 2007 tokidoki sweater on sale already for 50% off!

Tobi is Having a 25% Off Thanksgiving Sale

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

Tobi is having a Thanksgiving Sale – they are offering 25% off all full-priced merchandise when you enter code GIVEGET at checkout. This sale begins on Wednesday, November 21st and runs through midnight Monday, November 26th. (This discount cannot be combined with any other offer or applied to previous purchases.)

Tobi has tokidoki clothing, jewelry, hats, keychains and watches for both women and men in stock right now, and should be adding their Vacanze bags (including denaros) any day now!

The tokidoki Cactus Punk Tee Comes in Grey for Women!

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

Exciting news: the new tokidoki Cactus Punk t-shirt comes in more than just pink for women – Trendy Stars just added it in grey! I’m excited – and glad I waited a little bit before ordering the men’s version!

tokidoki holiday 2007 t-shirt

Trendy Stars added some more new tokidoki clothing too, including the black dress, the orange version of the ipod girl t-shirt, and a new v-neck sweater that I haven’t seen anywhere else yet.

tokidoki holiday 2007 v-neck sweater

I think it’s great that tokidoki keeps branching out into new clothing styles – I hope that pants are next! I’m also happy that they finally released a sweater that isn’t made of wool. I would love to see them release sweaters in cotton/synthetic blends next winter.

p.s. For the Harajuku Lovers fans, Trendy Stars also has some Harajuku Lovers Cha Ching Wallets and Pop Bags that come with Harajuku Lovers branded holiday boxes available now too.

First tokidoki x Hello Kitty Necklace Hits eBay

Monday, November 19th, 2007

Reader Jenn just let me know that a tokidoki x Hello Kitty necklace has popped up on eBay. According to the auction description, it is made of 100% Sterling silver with a 21″ chain. I’m not sure what the retail price will be yet – hopefully less than the $75 BIN price on the auction.

Photos from the Hawaii Simone Signing Yesterday

Sunday, November 18th, 2007

ChristineDior and Sara both sent in pictures and reports from the tokidoki Simone signing at the Ala Moana Center in Hawaii yesterday, and it sounds like it was nuts!

ChristineDior waited on line for 8 hours(!) to meet Simone, and thought it was worth the wait. :) She asked him to autograph her Mozzarella toy and a photo from a previous signing, and Simone actually remembered her because he recognized the Hello Kitty necklace Christine was wearing in the photo that Simone autographed for her. Awww! Here are her photos:

tokidoking signing event in hawaii

tokidoking signing event in hawaii

Sara was third in line for the signing – she got there at about 6am. She said that Simone started signing right on time at 11am, and when she left her job the mall at 8pm, Simone was still signing and the line was still out the door! Here are her photos:

tokidoking signing event in hawaii

tokidoking signing event in hawaii

tokidoking signing event in hawaii

tokidoking signing event in hawaii

tokidoking signing event in hawaii

tokidoking signing event in hawaii

Hawaii tokidoki Fans…

Saturday, November 17th, 2007

… have fun at the Simone signing at Ala Moana Center today!  If you take photos at the signing and want to share, send them in to me and I will post them tomorrow.

Get 11% Off at Macy’s With a Visitor Savings Pass

Friday, November 16th, 2007

Yesterday a Macy’s SA gave me a great tip – visitors at select Macy’s stores can get 11% off their purchases if they sign up for a Visitor Savings Pass or Savings Card!   This offer is available at Visitor Centers in Macy’s stores in New York City, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas and Honolulu.  In all Florida Macy’s stores, Savings Cards are available at the Gift Wrap counter.  You don’t have to be from another country to qualify as a visitor – you can just be from another state.  So for instance if you live in NJ but shop at a Macy’s in NYC, you can use the pass.  The pass also works on sale items.  :)

My New Vacanze Denaro

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

I just got a new Vacanze denaro in the mail and I love the print placement. :)  The tiny lamb at the lower left is one of my favorite characters – it’s one of those cute hidden surprises that you don’t notice until you examine the whole print closely.  Plus the yetti, sasquatch and gingerbread house are all on the front.   I have a bunch more Vacanze goodies on their way to me soon too, I just adore this print!

tokidoki vacanze denaro

The tokidoki Sightings Post

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

Since I have been getting a lot of requests for a post of this nature, I am adding this post (in new category tokidoki sightings) for everyone to use for sharing where they have found tokidoki bags, clothes, and accessories for sale in their city. To make the comments easier to scan through, make the first line of your comment the city and state, then skip a line and post your findings. I’ll start with some recent sightings that have been e-mailed to me – add your own in the comments!

NYC (from Bridget)
There is a really small boutique on Bleecker Street called EOS New York (address: 259 Bleecker Street, NY, NY 10014) that has tokidoki Vacanze and Trasporto print bags and tokidoki clothing. They also have tokidoki watches, and select styles are on clearance for 50% off.

Second, Giant Robot (437 E 9th street, NY, NY 10009), which has two parts – a main store and a gallery next door. The gallery side has a few tokidoki bags for sale at retail prices. They have very limited stock of Citta, Citta Rosa, and Adios Star bags (one of which was super badly damaged).

Washington, D.C. (from Randi)
There is a store called Commander Salamander located at 1420 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, D.C. 20007. They have tokidoki Vacanze bags, older tokidoki t-shirts and sweatshirts, skate decks, and a good variety of tokidoki hats. When Randi was there last weekend they had a lot of tokidoki clothing and hats on sale – she got an older tokidoki sweatshirt for $50, and her boyfriend got a tokidoki hat for $40.

Foresta Re-Release Hits eBay

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

As expected, the flood of extremely marked-up Foresta re-release bags has begun to hit eBay.  After checking out the prices, I’m thankful that I already have enough Foresta bags in my collection.   The new Foresta re-release bags look exactly like the original release, which I find a bit disappointing, except that they have Adios keychains instead of tokidoki for LeSportsac white bear qees.