Super-Rare tokidoki Bags from 2004

Reader Melanie sent in some photos of some rare European tokidoki bags that she has in her collection. Melanie says that she has been a fan of tokidoki designs since 2002(!) when she discovered a tokidoki shirt on Then she was in Amsterdam the winter of 2004 and spotted a silver tokidoki Sushi bag and had to have it. Check it out:

rare European tokidoki bag

rare European tokidoki bag

Isn’t it adorable?! I want one!

While in Amsterdam, Melanie also saw a pink tokidoki bag but didn’t get it, which she ended up regretting later. So once she was back in the USA, she searched for the pink bag online and found it on a German website listed as “Pink Gothic Lolita Bag.” In the summer of 2005, she finally found the pink tokidoki bags on eBay. Here is her whole family of rare bags:

rare European tokidoki bags

rare European tokidoki bag

28 Responses to “Super-Rare tokidoki Bags from 2004”

  1. tokipoki says:

    Cute collection! Wow to think it could be under “Pink Gothic Lolita Bag” lol
    I also remember seeing a tokidoki shirt on threadless! I think they still have the submission up, but not printed.

  2. josie says:

    tokidoki shirt on threadless?

  3. admin says:

    Josie – In 2002 (6 years ago – not now).

  4. Lisa says:

    I found the retired tee on Threadless:

    Click the “reprint me?” link and vote for a size if you’d like to see it reprinted — if enough of us e-mail in, they’ll re-release it!

  5. admin says:

    Lisa – Good eye! I couldn’t find it & thought it was long gone. I updated the link in the original post accordingly.

  6. grecia. says:

    Here’s one of the pink tokidoki bags for sell (Price: $51.51):

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  7. alli says:

    Melanie–I LOVE your euro bags!!

    tokidokiblog– do you know if this is real?

  8. admin says:

    alli – Although I had never seen a tokidoki bag like that before that auction popped up, I tend to think that it is real. It’s way too random & intricate to be fake (and, I do recall hearing that some of the early tokidoki designs were “racy”).

  9. Wow!! I want one too!! The silver one is awesome, I love messengers :)

  10. Hunty says:

    Tokidoki existed even then?! Psh, shows how new I am with the toki business. I like the pink bag more.

  11. martin says:

    awesome! any guesses on how much the bags would go for nowadays?

  12. Tara d. says:

    i ordered a few bags from Chicki and they’re coming soon. i ordered two of each, one for me and one for…i’m selling them on eBay. the price will cover shipping from the UK (i never overprice). i’ll post pics when i get them!! the pink messenger is in my order too! :)

  13. Jenn says:

    OMG I WANT THAT SUSHI BAG!!! But I know it’ll never be mine because it is too old and who knows if anyone is selling it. But man, that is AWESOME. Especially with all the katakana on it.

  14. Krisha says:

    Tara d.: I just tried to order and I’ve seen something I’ve never seen before: when trying to enter a credit card number, they ask for my issue date and number as well. I know about the 3-digit number (security code) on the back of the credit card but “issue date and issue number” i’ve never heard of before.

    Just wondering how you handeled it :P

  15. Christine says:

    Here’s another site,showrub,21262,e,1200677154-212 62,tokidoki,,,,.htm

    Knew about this one some time ago

  16. trent says:

    wow – those bags are hot… my gf is an avid toki doki fan.. how much would you sell them for? id be willing to pay ANYTHING..

  17. Tara d. says:

    I had to pay thru PayPal. I’ve calculated shipping into the price (after the exchange rate) and will charge only $10 over that price. They’re coming soon. But I don’t think they’re mail service has a good tracking system once it reaches customs. They were ordered on the 9th and 10th. They added a Adios pen, and I ordered the last one. But I did order two other Tokidoki designed pens with a blue haired girl and three lanyards with the Toki name printed all over.

  18. Krisha says:

    tara d.: yes they got back to me and said their paypal link wasn’t working for a little bit. thanks for your explanation and help :) 21.html
    hey they have this sushi bag :). not as elaborate but it’s something :)

  19. Tara d. says:

    no problem. another bag? they keep adding more and more Tokidoki bags since i first visited the site. my poor wallet…

  20. Quinne says:

    Ohh, I have that pink messenger bag, the one in the front of the 3rd pic. I used to carry it all the time but I forgot about it.. It’s used, but would there be any interest if it was put on ebay for a low starting price?

  21. Lynn says:

    There’s one for sale on ebay.

  22. Lynn says:

    Wow. Sorry that stretched the page. Anyway, it’s not the exact same sushi bag.. but kind of similar. Just thought I’d share in case anyone was interested. ^^

  23. admin says:

    Lynn – I fixed the link (that happens like every day). :P
    Thanks for posting it, that bag is cute too!

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  25. Flora says:

    Hi, how do you tell if a pink lolita gothic is real? Im kinda new to Tokidoki so dont really know..TIA x

  26. Flora – None of the European tokidoki bags have been faked.

  27. Flora says:

    So if i have one its defo real then? Also what should i expect to pay for one? Thanks..x

  28. Nimz says:

    and i’m super happy!!!!!!


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