It’s Time For Another Sale Code

Trendy Stars has a new coupon code that is good for 10% off full-priced tokidoki Men’s and Women’s apparel: MTK0309. This coupon code expires on March 9, 2008. They also have some tokidoki items on clearance, including the new spring ’08 tunic top for almost 50% off. I have that top and it is super-cute (I even made a “no pink” exception for it!). The cut is really flattering and it’s adorable with leggings or gauchos underneath.  Also, don’t forget to check The tokidoki Sightings Post regularly for new in-store sales that readers have found and shared with us all.

6 Responses to “It’s Time For Another Sale Code”

  1. Janet says:

    yes! I have been waiting for a Trendy Stars code!!! ty!

  2. admin says:

    You’re welcome! :D

  3. TokidokiAngel says:

    gahhh!! I wish this code came out like last week before I bought stuff off of other sites … lol oh well … I’ll make up for it by buying some stuff from TrendyStars now :D

  4. DON says:

    Does Trendy Stars have a phone number ????

  5. admin says:

    TokidokiAngel – I know what you mean, I could have gotten some better deals too if I had waited for this sale. But then again you never know when they are coming or what will be left in stock by then. Oh well.

    Don – If they do I can’t find it listed anywhere on their site.

  6. DON says:

    I KNOW I EVEN DID A GOOGLE SEARCH and can not find one ..I hate when sites do not give a phone number to their place of business … not only because of not being able to order over the phone but in case their is a problem…then the only recourse is to email them…but then they can always ignore to answer your email…At least by phone someone will answer and the situation would always be easier to resolve…..


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