More tokidoki for Hello Kitty Collaboration Items

There is a new post on announcing the tokidoki for Hello Kitty collaboration items. We have seen most of the images before, except for two new items that I think are even cuter than the rest:

tokidoki for Hello Kitty

tokidoki for Hello Kitty

They also added the info that the tokidoki for Hello Kitty collaboration items will be available at “,, and select U.S. stores.”

42 Responses to “More tokidoki for Hello Kitty Collaboration Items”

  1. Tofufar says:

    THE KEYCHAIN IS SO CUTE.. MUST HAVE ITEM… do u know when is the release date ??

  2. “in a few months”

  3. jenn says:

    I Love and Need that bag, I saw it when japanla was taking preorders, I think its $45.
    I saw that keychain there too(so cute!) they had 2 more super-cute ones just like that one, but HK was polpettina & adios on them…again, so cute! But if I remember right they were crazy expensive:(

  4. Heather says:

    I like the greenish bags a lot better!

  5. grecia. says:

    Cute! Me want (=^.^=) Ooo I like how there’s TD x HK in pink, green and black, exciting!

  6. grecia. says:

    Sorry about double posting, but I found an image of the other key chains here: hello-kitty/

    Alsoooo, there’s some sweet tokidoki videos here (just click on the top banner):

  7. Tara d. says:

    i love the new color schemes!!

  8. WOWWW that’s the one Jamie was talking about! I love that bag!! and the keychain :) yay!

  9. ryane says:

    if I’m correct, I believe that is the bag I preordered from japan la. I thought the greener color scheme was adorable. The keychains were
    tempting but WAY overpriced, IMO.

  10. Krisha says:

    jenn – i perorded that “pencil/cosmetic” bag from JapanLA and it’s $50. i wish it was $45 :)
    i also ordered the flat version (also $50) :D

    ryane – i agree 100%. the key chain prices are outrageously overpriced.

  11. Krisha says:

    * the flat version of the “pencil/cosmetic” bag
    tokidoki for hello kitty

  12. Luna P says:

    $90 for a keychain is totally ridiculous. I think they are cute as well, but no way am I willing to spend that. I wish there was a closer view of the black colored and pink colored items pictured on the blog.

  13. Hunty says:

    Your comment thing doesn’t like me…

    -_-;;;; I missed the preorders! Soooo, I’ll have to wait til they come out and hope that I’ll get them before everyone and their grandmothers do!

    And I’d definitely wouldn’t pay that much for a keychain even if it was the platinium, white and pink and black diamonds of doom. *rolls eyes*

  14. miss_kitty22 says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that bag!!

  15. Do any of you that pre-ordered the green bag know what its dimensions are? It’s hard to tell how big it is.

  16. ryane says:

    its pretty small. If they are marketing it as a pencil bag, it couldnt be more than 8″ long, but then again I am just guessing.

  17. TokidokiAngel says:

    I LOVE that bag!! It’s much cuter than the white and gold color schemed ones. I would get this one instead but I’d also like to know the dimensions.

    Also, that was cool to watch Simone sketch the Cactus Rocker on that link.

  18. stephanie says:

    this might be a stupid question, but does ANYONE know if the new items simone mentioned are being made by sanrio japan or nakajima corp (a us company that does most of sanrio’s american products now)?? this makes a pretty significant difference in the quality and the materials in my experience. one can safely assume that the first wave items (the plush, gold and white bags, rhinestone key chain, etc.) are all being made by sanrio japan since they were released in japan first. this green print looks like it’s on a plasticized material, but it’s still pretty hard to tell.

  19. kathy says:

    It’s so cuuute…but so expensive. Green is better than the flashy gold.

  20. sneezer says:

    Omg I must have them all! I love all the color schemes! when are they coming out and are they coming out in all the sanrio stores?

  21. Tara d. says:

    if JapanLa was able to take pre-orders for the green, pink and black bags, why didn’t Sanrio have the same stock offered for their pre-sale?

    krisha, great link to the Simone interview on i watched all three!

  22. Jenn says:

    I really like that pencil pouch/cosmetic case, but I couldn’t believe it was 45-50 dollars. I gawked at that price, and then the keychains…forget about it. They might as well ask for your first born. This stuff is getting too rich for my blood, unfortunately. I would’ve liked to have gotten the pouch, but gosh, that’s a lot of money for a small thing.

  23. JL SF Sanrio says:

    oh man… this is gonna be a fun year at sanrio for me.. lol….

  24. Tara d. says:

    JL, my request still stands about me playing your cousin for a day!!

    but anywho, JL, any word on the green, pink and black prints coming out to the SF store, and will they be released at the same time with the “blingy” stuff?

  25. CactusGirl says:

    I can’t wait for the green rainbow print to com out-it’ so cute =)
    Does anyone know if this print will have handbags like the boston bag.

    By the way, the pink print looks like a cammo type print- I wonder if that print will have bags too.

    Does anyone know if the tokidoki hello kitty print of Sandy holding a baby HK (the print of the toki blog) will become a print for a bag or for a shirt or hoodie- That would be so cute!!!!!

  26. JL SF Sanrio says:

    TARA: honestly this is the first time ive ever seen the rainbow sandy, pink print and black print! and im sure in the future we’ll get these three prints too… and i can pretty much guarantee that they will not be coming with the current “blingy Sandy” line

  27. Tara d. says:

    thanks, JL!

  28. Krisha says:

    i must be blind!: where has the “tokidoki hello kitty print of Sandy holding a baby HK” been seen? i haven’t seen Sandy’s face anywhere. just her costume on hello kitty lol.

  29. CactusGirl says:

    Hey Krisha, go to then click on shop. On the homepage of the tokidoki shop there is artwork of Sandy holding hands with what looks like a baby Hello Kitty. It looks really cute that I think it would be a great print for a bag or shirt.

  30. Krisha says:

    CactusGirl – oh thank you! yes i saw that, woops! when i read “Sandy holding a baby HK”, i took it too literally and was thinking of a baby HK in Sandy’s arms instead of just holding hands

    hehe :D

  31. Megan says:

    Jeeze that make-up case/bag is SO CUTE.
    I’m drooling all over the keyboard but it’s out of my price range. If it were $30 I’d consider getting it.

    And I’d never spend almost $100 on a key chain! Plus it’ll just get messed up with me tossing it around in my purse and get scratched against all the keys. It must be made of crystals or something to be so expensive! Talk about bling…>_>

  32. lupe says:

    Does any one know how much the Boston bag costs? I’m going to japan at the end of the month…but if the price is better i’d buy in the US.

  33. JL SF Sanrio says:

    ^^125 retail

  34. Tara d. says:

    for the Boston bag? i thought it was less than that? i swear someone quoted to me that it was about $65 or so. that wasn’t you, was it JL or another SA?

  35. Pru says:

    I was told $125 as well, from the Times Square Sanrio.

  36. JL SF Sanrio says:

    tara its 125 retail. a LONG time ago wen the “predicted” USA pricing list was sent to us, it was subject to change at any time… and apparently it was changed to 125 retail =\ yes i know we are all sad about it… and not to rain on everyone’s parade even more… but:

    Tokidoki x Hello Kitty shipment has been delayed until middle of march now… =( *runs away*

  37. Tara says:

    it’s okay, JL. i found out about the delay this morning when i called your store.

    yikes! i’m wondering now what my grand total is for everything that i put on hold…

  38. anon. says:

    I love that keyring. RED!!!

  39. Pru says:

    Tara, I asked when I called the NYC store and the other stuff (wallet, keychain, etc.) was pretty close, if not the same, in price to what JapanLA had them listed for. I was told the smaller handbag is $85.

    Middle of March…urgh!! I don’t think I can stand the suspense anymore. But thanks for letting us know JL. I’ve been really paranoid about why I haven’t gotten a call yet. I was starting to think maybe I missed the call or maybe I was not going to get what I’m on the list for…lol!

    Tokidoki paranoia is a terrible thing!!

  40. MuffinGal says:

    That bag looks perfect for my PSP! I have a Harajuki Lovers case for her right now.

  41. margo says:

    that is soo cute!!!!! but its not the bags im crazy for (even though the are really cute) its the watch. it isnt pictured on this page but there is one selling on ebay and i really really want it!! too bed its $200 :( i need that watch!!!!


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