Lots of Updates

I have a bunch of backed-up small updates that I am going to cram into this post:

  • The Giant Peach received their shipment of Women’s Spring II tokidoki clothing this week, including some new items that we haven’t seen anywhere else yet (on pages 2 & 3) – check it out & don’t forget to take advantage of the exclusive 20% off sale for Tokidoki Blog readers.
  • Lindsey from the Southhampton LeSportsac outlet posted a list of slight imperfections tokidoki bags that are on clearance there. The outlet contact info is in that linked post if you scroll up.
  • So that comments like the one I just linked to above don’t get overlooked in the future, I changed the setup of the sidebar at the right of this blog to include a Recent Comments list. Is this helpful? Is 7 recent comments a good number or too many/not enough?
  • I have received the unfortunate news that the European clothing imports that were supposed to have been available in the USA this fall have been canceled.
  • Photos of the tokidoki for Onitsuka Tiger sneakers have been released – thanks to Bridget for pointing this out! I think they’re cute – which apparently puts me in the “only tokidoki fans and children” category. :P
  • Happy Six in Los Angeles received a shipment of Citta and Citta Rosa (!!) tokidoki bags this week. They are going fast. Thanks to Tara d. for the tip.

26 Responses to “Lots of Updates”

  1. Mickey says:

    Happy Six also got a shipment of tokidoki for Hello Kitty necklaces! I just

  2. Jackie E says:

    omg must have shoes!!

  3. em says:

    does anyone know where i can buy a pair of those onistuka sneakers and for how much?

  4. Charisma says:

    Thanks for the updates!! You are doing such a great job :) I hope your computer situation is coming along fine. I’m so excited about the Onitsuka x Tokidoki sneakers! They look so hot!

  5. Tara d. says:

    OMG, so cuuuute!! the Otsinuka shoes are TDF!! i love the cream, orange and green shoes the best. and the soles :) i’d be too afraid to walk on them, but i will anyways. any news on which retailers will carry them? i heard Journeys usually does or will.

  6. DON says:

    The only downfall to me is that any and all of the Tokidoki figures are on the bottom of the soles of the shoes….not showing anywhere else on the shoe but there….To me a few of the characters should have been shown on the sides or top of the shoe as well…….

  7. Krisha says:

    i called about an hour ago and they are now all out of the Citta and Citta Rosa prints.

  8. cece says:

    DON – actually, if you look closely, there are a couple of tokidoki characters featured on the sides and on the back of the shoes. they seem to be more prominently displayed on the taller shoes.

    i absolutely love the orange + blue pair but… damnit, this probably means i’ll have to sell my new fornarina sneakers and diva shoes to be able to afford these… >_

  9. kristi says:

    Krisha – I just called and ordered two bags in Citta Rosa and Citta?? Call again and ask! The manager just said she was going to bring it down to the post office ASAP for me…

  10. ariasmama says:

    cute shoes!! I would spend most of my time wanting to look at the bottom of the shoes tho!

    it’s weird how the citta rosa print suddenly made a reappearance, there were a bunch at the LSS store at the Honolulu airport a few weeks ago. Did they find a box at the back of the warehouse? :) Too bad they didn’t find a lost batch of tan playgrounds!

  11. kathy says:

    My favorite pair is the one in the third pic.
    Why would they put a design on the inside of the shoes? Nobody can see it.
    I MUST have the little tiger plush.

  12. Krisha says:

    kristi – thank you for the info. that makes me very angry because the girl who picked up the phone specifically said that they sold out of the Citta and Citta Rosa prints and only had the Famiglia print left.
    i went to a friend’s birthday celebration around the time you left your comment ug.
    i called about a half hour ago and the very nice man (not a manager) apologized for what happened and said he wasn’t working yesterday and knows nothing about it.
    and also said only print and style left is Citta Scuola. ug this put a damper on my day :(

  13. kristi says:


    I’m sorry Krisha!!! I cant imagine why the sales person would say they were sold out!! When I called it didn’t seem like the store was too, too busy. Did you check the Happy Six website for the inventory before you called too? When I called, which I think was only a little bit after you, it seemed like their inventory list that is on myspace was still available. I decided on a Citta and Citta Rosa canguro.

    I really wanted a Citta Rosa Zucca but that was long gone.

    What exactly were you looking for, Krisha?

  14. nxdlamb says:

    i’m very new to Happy Six….. are they charging the original retail price for the lesportsac tokidoki or are they on sale/clearance?

  15. Elizabeth says:

    This may be a long shot question to ask but here goes-does anyone happen to know the number to the Lesportsac store in GUAM? I got Hawaii # but I wanna make sure I can order the La’more re-print that’s coming out in April just in case Hawaii happens to sell out. Thanks

  16. kristi says:

    Elizabeth, and everyone for that matter! , if you want you can call the Lesport in Waikiki and put your name on the wait list for La’more. I already put mine on the list of Pirata. Ask for Jewel at the one in the Waikiki shopping center….shes really nice!

    I forgot to mention that they probably wont be getting any Citta’s….she said they had a choice between that and a Foresta reprint and they chose Foresta. But she said Spiaggia and Pirata are the next possibilities (aside from the for sure La’more in April) so I would definitely suggest putting your name down for them to contact you when they come in!

    She offered to put my name down for La’more but it just isn’t my favorite print!

  17. kristi says:

    oh and nxdlamb, it seems as though Happy Six is charging regular retail. I got two canguros , each were $108. The only thing is that they only use UPS which is a little more expensive than USPS, and they require signature confirmation and insurance! I think its a good thing though because considering how difficult it is to find those prints anymore, I would be devastated – and poor! – if it got lost!

  18. lisa says:

    totally ditto on the print availability @ happy 6, i called after reading the post yesterday, & they had a lot of citas & cita rosas in stock…. I hate it when the sales girls dont want to sell – it is listed on their blog, why would they lie? I can’t stand people like that! get their names when you talk to them, it makes them more honest & if they lie, you can always tell the manager who did it.

  19. Elizabeth says:

    Do you think that the La’more print will be coming out for the scuola bc that’s really HARD to find?

  20. Krisha says:

    kristi – it’s ok. i’m more upset at the customer service than not possibly getting something i was looking for in those prints. i didn’t really look at their “site” since it’s a myspace and i wasn’t taking it seriously enough to take a good look at it.

    i’m surprised no one commented about the European clothing NOT coming to the USA anymore. that’s horrible!!! i guess it’s a good thing in the end that i ordered my jacket from some store overseas that charges euros.

  21. lisa says:

    Stephanie, I think 7 comments is not enough, cause when you post @ something which gets everyone excited, people tend to comment a lot, so the older post’s comments get overshadowed by all the new stuff – that said, i think the recent comments on the side are VERY HELPFUL!!! [Y]

  22. lisa – Thanks, it seems like people are using the list because comments on older posts are getting quick replies now, which is cool. I will bump the recent comments up to 10 and see if that is better – the maximum number is 15.

  23. Jenn says:

    I am seriously shocked about hearing the negative customer service at Happy Six! The girls that I have come across are really helpful, and I’m sorry to hear that people are getting bad customer service through that store. I was surprised to speak to a man on Friday (it’s usually a female voice on the other end, lol), but he was very nice. Again, sorry to hear about the bad customer service.

  24. Tara d. says:

    does anyone know where the Toki x Onitsuka shoes will be sold. i just emailed Journey’s and they said they no record of any shoes :(

  25. kelianne says:

    im going to san fran after summer, is there a store, if so were is it, and also WHERE DO U GET TOKIDOKI FOR HELLO KITTY BAGS AND POUCHES!!!!!!!!!!???????

  26. Asinate says:

    wWhere do u get tokidoki stuff?


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