Available for Pre-Order Now: tokidoki Miao

Remember this tokidoki x Zakkamono collaboration toy that caused a minor ruckus back in February?

tokidoki Miao

The tokidoki Miao is available for pre-order now on the Zakkamono website with an estimated ship date of June 2008. It stands over 9″ tall, weighs in at over 3 pounds 7″ tall, and retails for $80. Thanks to Noah for letting me know!

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  1. TokidokiAngel says:

    OMG!! It’s over 3 pounds?! and stands over 9″?! Okay maybe the height isn’t so crazy but the weight … what’s it made of? lol :D

    oh and i think it’s cute … prolly won’t be getting one but it’s cute :)

  2. Janet says:

    you forgot to mention its $80 dollars :3 -drops dead-

  3. Tara d. says:

    and, it’ll cost $95.90 with shipping to the USA

  4. Janet says:

    wahahaha hide your money ladies!

  5. oooooooooo 3lbs eh? mannnn why does it have to be $80!? lol

  6. Krisha says:

    LOL Janet.

    i can’t wait to get this eeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

    OH AND STEPH TOKIDOKI-BLOG: the pirata necklace is up!
    http://shop.tokidoki.it/_design/tokidoki/_images/pirataexclu sive.jpg


  7. stephanie says:

    i looked on the site and i can’t find what it’s made of either, but @ 9 inches it might be some kind of resin. i can’t wait to pre-order this. once the bags got phased out i’m now really in to vinyls/dolls. if you find out what he’s made of, please post here because i’m very curious!

  8. keely says:

    its probably made from the same stuff as the Kaniza toys, which is like a PVC/ABS mix …whatever that is!

    that’ll cost me $116 to the UK! ~ mad ~
    its well cute tho, and i love the little onigiri it comes with!

  9. Janelle says:

    I pre-ordered. :)

  10. keely says:

    I’m in two minds whether to order or not!

    Have you seen the cute photos Simone on the Adventures page-

    it actually looks smaller than i was imagining! doesn’t look 9″

  11. Miao says:

    Hello, the 9″ dimension refers to the box. I think the weight is for the total weight of the whole package (for shipping purposes). I will try to get the exact dimensions and post it on the product description.

  12. TokidokiAngel says:

    Ahh okay! Thanks Miao!! :D

  13. Jamie says:

    This is OT, but did anyone see that new shirt on the Tokidoki.it store with Donutella on it? She is just the cutest thing everr! Seriously, what an adorable character!

  14. cha says:

    jamie–just checked out the donutella shirt. she’s adorable!! i want that shirt and the TKDK LA shirt. but i’ve made one too many tokidoki purchases this month i think :sigh:

  15. annie says:

    i think i’m the only one that doesn’t “get” the toys. i think it’s cute and all, i just hate having “stuff” all over the place, it drives me nuts. everything in my house has a place and i go kind of bonkers when i have something that doesn’t go with the rest of the house. yes, i am crazy.

  16. Krisha says:

    Ouch, shipping is $20.50 to the US. I know it’s a decent sized toy with a bit, or some, weight but jeeze.

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