Our Biggest Contest Ever!!

It’s time for another contest – this time with some truly amazing prizes! There will be three winners, and I will start by telling you about the goodies, which will be generously donated by tokidoki themselves.

FIRST PLACE PRIZE: a limited edition tokidoki for Mikasa soccer ball (only 1,000 of these balls are being made) and the THREE newest tokidoki skate decks.

tokidoki blog mega ultra contest

SECOND PLACE PRIZE: a limited edition tokidoki for Mikasa soccer ball and a signed poster.
THIRD PLACE PRIZE: a limited edition tokidoki for Mikasa soccer ball.

So what do you need to do to enter? Create either a YouTube video* or a photograph** that explains what you would do with the tokidoki soccer ball if you win one. The top 3 most creative videos/photos will win the prizes listed above. Comment on this post to let me know that you plan to enter, and then submit your entries via e-mail to tokidokiblog@gmail.com. I will then forward the entries on to tokidoki, who will be judging the contest.

If you’re feeling a little creatively challenged, I’ll start you off with an idea: your entry could for instance show a unique way that you would put the ball on display in your home.

The deadline for entries is Thursday, June 26th at 11:59pm EST. Winners will be announced on Friday, June 27th as soon as tokidoki sends me the results.

*Need to know how to make a YouTube video? Learn how here!

**Each person’s submission(s) will count collectively as a single entry, but there is no limit to the number of uses for the ball that you may think up. If this means sending in multiple photos or videos then by all means go for it.

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  1. tokipoki says:

    We can only make it one way of what we would do with the ball? Or can we show off many ways of what we can do with the ball?

  2. Each person’s submission(s) will count as a single entry, but there is no limit to the number of uses for the ball that you may think up – if you can think of many uses for it, then by all means show all of them off!

  3. tokipoki says:

    Ohh!! ^____^! I am so excited for this!
    Also there’s no video time limit is there? Or is it the Youtube time limit (which I think is 10 minutes..)

  4. Awesome! I think it is exciting too!
    For the videos, the maximum time limit is indeed the YouTube limit of 10 minutes. However from a judge’s perspective, shorter is better because I’m sure there will be quite a few to watch… 10 minutes x 100 videos = nearly 17 hours of videos. Try to keep the length down to a minute or two unless your content is absolutely riveting. ;)

  5. Jamie says:

    Stephanie, you can count me in!
    I have a really good idea for the video!
    Just need to figure out when I have the time to do it.

    To clarify, you want us to post it on YouTube first, and then send you the link?

  6. Jamie – Yes indeed!

  7. may says:

    i’m definitely entering! all i need now is a camera man…

  8. Tara d. says:

    i’ve recruited my kids because they want the goodies just as much as i do!!

  9. hmmm interesting ^^what to do what to do….

  10. Juli says:

    I’d like to enter. Pending creativity and time.

  11. Ed Penano says:

    Whats the likelihood of a photo winning? Because I would like to send a photo!

  12. Ed – Go for it! The most awesome video OR photo will win.

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  14. Veronica says:

    I’ll be entering =]

  15. Mozzarella says:

    I think I am going to don my Mozzarella costume and make a video for this :D

  16. ^^^ Eeeee I love it!! I am sure your video will be awesome!!

  17. Mercedes says:

    I’m gonna enter!

  18. lyssa says:

    OMG love this!!! can’t wait =)

  19. Nicki says:

    Count me in!

  20. NikauKL says:

    Could be good to see all proposal in this post.

  21. lyssa says:

    Just wondering…does it have to be about what you would do with the ball or can it just be a video that has to do with the ball? Thanks!

  22. Shuu says:

    Question—can the picture be photomanipulated a bit? :]

  23. lyssa – It has to be about what you would do with the ball.

    Shuu – Sure!

  24. Jennifer says:

    I would love to do something =D

  25. DON says:

    I just submitted my entry already to you just now….. I hope you like it….. I assume there is no limit on how many pictures you can send in is there…..I ask this because I definitely have more then one idea…. Check your mailbox for my entry….. I wonder if I was the firrst to submit one……

  26. Janette says:

    Ok I am going for it. It doesn’t hurt trying it out that way If I loose I can say atleast I tried ^_^. I hope everyone has fun with this!!

  27. Don – I got your entry (yes it was the first), and it is FANTASTIC! I love it! You can submit as many others as you like too (but, they will all count as a single entry for yourself).

  28. Tara d. says:

    hey steph, would be possible to see the other entries and/or their links? i know the vids are on YouTube, but direct links would help ‘cuz there’s tons of Toki vids. we can root for each other and make comments!

  29. keely says:


    so basically are we suppose to make a vid/photo using any plain ball?
    ….like a video of someone playing with a ball or something?


  30. grecia. says:

    GOOOAAAALLLL!! I’m going to be entering ^____^

  31. Joslyn says:

    so could i make a photo collage that is a youtube video?

  32. Krisha says:

    I will be entering!

    tokidoki-blog – I think you should add in the post that we can submit multiple photographs (and obviously only be eligible to win once). I’ve been thinking for a while now about which of my ideas to use but it’s a relief now that I can execute more than one!
    Just a friendly suggestion! :D

    Can we send in video in addition to our photograph(s)?
    Hypothetically, can we send in multiple videos?

  33. Tara d. – Let me consider that… I might want to wait until next Friday.

    keely – The objective is to make a video or take a photo of what you would do with the tokidoki soccer ball if you won it. If that involves using a plain ball, that’s totally cool, but no ball is required. You can also Photoshop a picture of the tokidoki ball in if you wish.

    Joslyn – Yes, if you wish.

    Krisha – I will edit the OP with the multiple photos info. As far as sending in multiple entries goes, use your judgment. A single spectacular entry is better than 10 so-so entries, but if you have a bunch of spectacular ones and can’t decide which to use, then by all means send everything. Don for instance has already sent in quite a few great ones. :)

  34. Chanel says:

    I’m planning to enter the contest. I’ll do my every best. ^_^

  35. TokidokiAngel says:

    I’ll be entering :D

  36. Eva says:

    I’ll be entering :D I’ve already thought of a few really good ideas. I have a question though, when does the contest end?

  37. Eva says:

    Sorry scratch the ending part, I misread D:
    Good luck to everyone!

  38. Pattie says:

    with those prizes, i have to enter! count me in!

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  40. TJ says:

    Tokidoki Blog – How are you going to judge if someone enters more than one video/photo to make it fair to people who enter just one???


  41. TJ – “Each person’s submission(s) will count collectively as a single entry.” And of course, quality will win over quantity.

  42. TJ says:

    ok thanks

  43. TokidokiAngel says:

    Is anyone having problems with YouTube?

  44. Joslyn says:

    i’m entering the contest! i just sent my entry in :) i hope you enjoy it!

  45. Janette says:

    Submission Sent ^_^

  46. grecia. says:

    I’ve sent my entry as well =]

  47. DON says:

    You know how many entries I submitted…….lol

    I just wanted to personally THANK YOU for hosting this contest…. I found it nice to try and be creative and for keeping me off the streets and making the world a safer place for others….lol…

    I got my fingers crossed …..

    By the way, after the contest would there be anywhere to show some of the entries….. I would like to see what others have done and to share some of what I submitted as well……..

    To all who entered GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!

  48. Emi says:

    i’ll be entering as well^^

  49. Tony says:

    I’m entering!

  50. I will be entering!


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