The Spiaggia Print Re-Release is June 20th!

Reader Ku`uipo just let me know that she received a call telling her that the tokidoki Spiaggia print re-release is happening tomorrow! Doors open at 9:30am at the Ala Moana LeSportsac store. As with the other tokidoki bag print re-releases, the Spiaggia print re-release is happening at LeSportsac stores in Hawaii and Guam only.

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  1. rkt says:

    Just wanted to make a comment to Ku’uipo.. you are so sweet!! You helped me at Ala Moana LSS, i wanted the nuvola backpack and was so disappointed that it didn’t come in that style. But you helped me and now I have the stellina. And now just reading the blog, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your help. :) You are so kind and your passion for tokidoki…love it. :) take care and hopefully see you at lss at the next re-release!

  2. Ku`uipo says:

    thanks rkt! i had fun looking at all the bags with you. i thought i was in heaven with all those boxes surrounding us!!!! how are you enjoying your stellina? isn’t that an awesome style bag? i have an inferno in the stellina. in fact it was my first tokidoki bag!

    remember to call lss ala moana tomorrow. when i was there on sunday, the girls told me that they should be getting more stuff in. they may have your nuvola yet! if i see one there, i’ll ask them to hold it for you. just let me know what you were looking for (print wise).

  3. karen says:

    Ku`uipo-do you still have that bag or denario for sale? if the other person doesnt want it I might be interested.

  4. Jay says:

    hey all, I went to Lss today at ala moana. They new shipment has just come in. Looks like they had lots! I soooooooooo wanted to get something but had to be “good” to my word about “just looking” :( That and hubby said “no” when I asked him. (hee hee). SO, for all of you in hawaii–get down there SOON! :) :)

  5. originalone says:


    oh my gosh. i’m so sorry for having replied late….this is my first visit since i last posted. i’m starting a new job and am going through a long frustrating orientation period while trying to finish moving into the new apartment.

    i’m going to pass on the spiagga for now, Ku’uipo. so sorry for that. The reason being is that with the moving in combined with very limited budget now, i have to be a bit more picky on the designs I really want. Right now, i’m pretty set on the trasporto.

    thank you so so so very very very much for your very very sweet and kind offer. :) :) In August, maybe i’ll take you up on your kind offer to help me out with a cucciolo you dont mind. ;) ;) we can talk about it if you want, pls. email me at

  6. rkt says:

    HI Ku’uipo- thanks so much. I just called the LSS and it didn’t come in nuvola again. I think I’ve given up on getting that bag. I’m really happy with the stellina though. Took it on a field trip on Monday with my daughter and I loved it! So thanks again for everything… :)

  7. Jay says:

    rkt– do you wear the stellina like a messenger? is it really bulky and does it stick out? I was thinking of getting either that or the ciao ciao….hmm…

  8. rkt says:

    Jay- I do wear it as a messenger.. it isn’t bulky at all. I was pleasantly surprised that I could fit my big Canon camera in it and it didn’t stick out that much! Hope this helps… I’m really happy with the stellina. :)

  9. Ku`uipo says:

    Karen, yes i still have it & i have pics of another wallet i purchased up on photobucket as well. it has surfing adios on both sides. my middle child has decided she would like the surfing monkey (though i do not think it matches to well with her l’amore ciao).

    rkt – i told you that the stellina is awesome. phone on the outside pocket, roomy inside… love it!!!

    jay – so they had lots more, huh? i will be there tomorrow… so will my wallet…

  10. karen says:

    Ku`uipo is is possible to get your email to get more information and where to look for the pictures?

  11. Ku`uipo says:

    karen – my address is
    if you scroll up this discussion, i put the link in one of my posts. please let me know soon b/c i have one more week to return it, but i hate doing multiple trips since gas prices are so HIGH!

  12. Jay says:

    Ku’uipo, I’m pretty sure they had everything in stock. WHen I got there, they were still bringing things out! By the way, did anyone buy your cucciolo from you?? :)

  13. Jay says:

    rkt–thanks for your input :) do you use the stellina just for your camera or for everything else too like a purse? Decision, decisions….. :)

  14. Ku`uipo says:

    Jay – no i still have it in the closet… in the bag… if no one wants it, it is either going back to lss or possibly on eBay. i was thinking on doing a combo auction for the cucciolo & the denaro. i HATE returning, but love buying!!!! i still can’t believe that the avventura was more expensive than the cucciolo!

    and can i just say something about the stellina? i think that for a smaller bag, i think it holds a lot. i had my wallet, my receipt wallet, a card wallet, and misc little things in the main compartment. i carried my phone & more stuff in the outside pockets. my only complaint is that the main zipper is a tad bit smaller than i would like it. i have a long wallet & sometimes i have to maneuver to put it in.

  15. Jay says:

    Ku’uipo—ooh, you still have it. hmm. that is very tempting. Do you think you will return it if no one buys it or wait and see? wow! The avventura was MORE than the cucciolo? whoa.

    Yes! Thank you for your input on the stellina!! I am thinking about it. Between that and the ciao ciao. In a way the ciao ciao is too long for me. I went to LSS to try one on for the first time to get a feel for it. But, I remember trying the stellina and like you said, it seem narrow to get into. Like, I noticed the campeggio compared to the cucciolo? They are only a little different from each other in size but the cucciolo is easier to get into, where the zipper does not fold. Does that make sense? Which print do you have the stellina in? Dangerous I tell you! I did not think I wanted the spiaggia but now it is calling my name I tell you!! :)

  16. Jay says:

    ku’uipo…oh! Forgot to mention. Would love to buy the cucciolo from you but do not have the funds right now (waaaaaa) so that was why I was asking how long you thought you’d have it :) Also, how many bags do you have so far? I have 4 and I swear it started at 1…. the rest is a blur I tell you! :) :)

  17. Tofufar says:

    Spoke TO JEWEL in Hawaii, one of the LSS manager… she still have a lot of SPiaggia Zucca Left…

  18. Mei Lee says:

    Ku`uipo – I doubt that you have worry about returning any Tokidoki items within two weeks. LSS makes exceptions for the Tokidoki stuff. I remember when the lamore print was first released and someone had returned a foresta ciao. lol

  19. Ku`uipo says:

    ok, just came from ala moana. the shipment of spiaggia yesterday was the last of it. so all they got now, is all they have left.

    they had the best gioco on display, but i held back (believe it or not).

    so, everyone better get a move on or pay eBay prices later…

    tokibabe – check your email

    jay – nordstrom’s said no they are not going to carry the new tokidoki bags (i am waiting on manager confirmation on this)

  20. Jay says:

    Thank’s ku’uipo! Did they have any more cucciolo’s??? :)

  21. Ku`uipo says:

    jay – i know they had one on display so i’m sure they do, but i don’t know how many.

  22. Ku`uipo says:

    also, i got confirmation from metropark manager today, they will be carrying the new line of tokidoki bags. yay!!!

    they also have tokidoki hk plush, skeletrino/a, and various tokidoki hk items.

  23. Jay says:

    ku’uipo–do you know when they will get them? or when they come out? oooh….. :)

  24. Ku`uipo says:

    jay – no… he wasn’t even sure. that’s ok. i try to go twice a month to check out their stuff.

  25. eyez658 says:

    hmmmmmm, i just asked a SA at nordstrom’s the other day if they were going to carry the new line of bags.. of course she didn’t know but she said the manager for handbags happened to be there, so she walked on over and asked for me.. i didn’t follow, which maybe i should have.. but she came right back to me, and just said ‘maybe’.. so ‘maybe’ the ‘might’ carry it, it all depends on the ‘maker’ of the bags.. but maybe someone might want to go and ask also.. and as for metropark.. wow, maybe i need to start visiting their store also so i don’t miss out on anything!

    btw, ku’uipo, don’t know if u remember me, but we were like one of the earliest ones on the re-release day.. i’m the one with the kids..

    well, i finally left a first comment here. ^_-

  26. eyez658 says:

    Mei Lee- after the 14 days return they usually just offer a merchandise credit.. or just a receipt actually.. i bought a l’amore zucca at the re-release and returned it after the 14-days was up and i was only given a reciept that stated my refund.. now that i was pretty scared of losing the reciept, esp since it was the amount for the price of the zucca purchased! instead of waiting so long for the spiaggia re-release, i went and purchased some other bags in fear i’d lose the receipt and would be without all that money i had already spent! so, that would be the only reason why u’d want to return by the 14-days.. and even if u purchase with that return credit, on the new receipt they will stamp it, so that they know u didn’t purchase it with regular money.. so it’s a bummer on that part!

  27. Mei Lee says:

    eyez – oh i see. i was just VERY surprised to see a foresta for the first time in person and that LSS in general accepted returns that were way past the 14 day mark. i didn’t ask if the customer received a refund in their original payment, but store credit sounds more reasonable than getting nothing at all. i’m kinda curious as to why people would return tokidoki stuff, since they are getting rarer as the months go by. lol i happened to peek in the ala moana location once and someone had just returned a paradiso campeggio with a nice placement.

  28. eyez658 says:

    wow, i didn’t know their return policy is that lenient.. maybe i should try to return my inferno dolce.. lol! i didn’t even use it yet, and don’t know when i ever will because i already have an inferno mm that i use more.. haha!! j/k ;) i guess that just gives u a reason why u should always step into a LSS….because u never know when something no matter how rare the bag could be, it might just be there. *ya right*! i’m getting sad, that it’ll be over for the Lesportsac bags… i wish i could have collected from the beginning.. i hope the ‘newer’ bags can be as nice also, even tho i’ve already gotten somewhat a peek at them already.. i’m unsure.

  29. Mei Lee says:

    LOL I’m already sad that I failed to notice how cute the Tokidoki bags are. I only began to notice them when I saw the re-release for the paradiso print in the window and was shocked that LSS was selling them in february/march of this year. I .

  30. sielle says:

    Does anyone know which prints (if any) may still be available in the Scuola backpack style at the LSSs in Hawaii? I was hoping for L’Amore, but, fear it is too late.

    Does anyone know if there are a selection of prints still available in the denaros (other than spiaggia) at the LSSs in Hawaii as well?

    I too wish I could walk into a store to pick pattern placement, but, I will be trying to place a mail order over the phone. Thanks to everyone for all the valuable info.

  31. IhateTDfakes says:

    sielle – not too sure about the Scuola – it wasn’t something that I was looking for :( you might want to call any one of the stores and inquire.

    As far as the Denaros in Waikiki – I saw Paradiso and Spiaggia – Amore was sold out already.

    If you call the LSS (especially the ones in Waikiki) you can request what you want and they’ll try and get what your looking for if they have it.

    Just my advice…the Ala Moana store is the busiest store so if you are particular on print I wouldn’t call them…try the Waikiki stores first.

  32. Ku`uipo says:

    hateTDfakes – ala moana busy? everytime i go there (except for re-release days), there is like only 3 other people in there. wow!

    sielle – lss ala moana had a few more scuolas in spiaggia. as for the denaros, ala moana only has about 30 left. i just picked up another one (UGH! i did it again! but it had the surfing hula girl & bruttino on it.) my 10 year old looked thru them ALL! the staff again was so nice. they were so patient while she looked thru every single one! (i was there for a half hour.) they had some really nice ciaociaos left. i just snagged one with perfect placement for someone. call them!

  33. IhateTDfakes says:

    Ku’uipo – Sorry I should elaborate… Ala Moana, IMO, is the busiest store of the LSS stores on Oahu. Not to say that Ala Moana has hoards of crowds in there…just that the store picks up for them more than Waikiki being that they are in one of our major malls.

  34. IhateTDfakes says:

    And I agree…the staff at Ala Moana are really nice.

  35. eyez658 says:

    i too, believe that ala moana is the busiest store.. whenever i’m in the waikiki stores it usually is ‘dead’ in there.. well they say at night is when it gets busy for waikiki.. and at ala moana they tend to sell out on their merchandise faster than waikiki.. so i think that goes to show that they r waay busier.. IMO. and yes, ala moana SA’s r the best.. at waikiki, umm maybe there r just a few who r nice too [like Jewel! ;) ], but i have met some that like to pretend u aren’t even there.

  36. Ku`uipo says:

    eyez658 – nice too see you finally posting on the blog! yes, i remember you! so have you been down to the store since last week? buy anything new (like me?)

    IhateTDfakes – i honestly didn’t know that ala moana was the busiest. i have never been to any of the waikiki stores so i don’t know how slow they are. & like i said, everythime me & the kids go to ala moana lss, there isn’t that many people in there. the busiest i ever saw it was re-release day.

    so if waikiki isn’t that busy, is there more tokidoki stuff left over? (like inferno, paradiso, etc)?

  37. Katie says:


  38. ihateTDfakes says:

    Ku`uipo- In paradiso – bambino, bella, canguro, denaro and caramella is still left. In inferno – bambino and ciao is left.

    Yes Waikiki is a pain to find reasonable parking which is why those stores tend to be slower.

  39. eyez658 says:

    since my friend lives in waikiki, and i’m usually visiting her every week [free parking! ;) ], i tend to walk into one of the stores more than ala moana.. the store that Jewel works in is where i usually see most of the bags.. when i thought ala moana was out of paradiso, i walked into Jewel’s store and saw lots of paradiso left, of course that was a couple months back already, and those r already gone.. and when all the popular inferno pieces were gone at ala moana, at waikiki they still had stock.. so u can probably say that it takes twice longer for them to get their merchandise to sell.. the last time i stepped into Jewel’s store, which was this past monday, they probably only had an inferno ciao ciao left and i believe a bambino? i didn’t look too closely at them, *so don’t take my word*.. but right behind the register, they still had l’amore, not the popular bv’s and mm, but most of the other styles.. but i think since it’s summertime, waikiki does seem a bit busier i’ve noticed..

    Ku’uipo.. since ala moana on the first day, i’ve been to the waikiki stores twice, tryna do CPs for others.. the last time i was there was probably on the 2nd shipment on wednesday, i bought a cucciolo for a CP at the ala moana location.. and then i went to the RHSC to get an avventura for another CP.. i only bought myself a BV on the first day.. the denaros i sold to my friend.. i was never lucky this time in finding a ‘perfect placement’ for a unicorn centered on a denaro.. yes, u should never trust the SA’s.. just tell them u want to see all the denaros.. i think i’ll be stopping by again next week to just look again! ;) i can never get enough.. but i think i’m done with Spiaggia for myself.. the next i’m interested in is Trasporto..

  40. Ku`uipo says:

    eyez658 – what? you won’t be there next month for famiglia??? who am i going to wait with????

  41. eyez658 says:

    lol.. i’ll be there for the famiglia.. i think i gotta do a CP again. so u’ll see me.. ;) even tho i thought i didn’t care for the print, everytime i’m looking at it i seem to like it more and more.. so who knows?! lol…. ;) i might end up buying one for myself.. haha, u know how that goes!!

  42. keroppi says:

    does any one know whne is the trasporto re-release date? will it come in the luna or cucciolo style?

  43. Ku`uipo says:

    keroppi – trasporto is sometime in august. i’m pretty sure all styles are supposed to be available, but you never know for sure. they brought in all styles for spiaggia except the nuvola.

  44. marhem says:

    Ku’uipo, hi, i’m still waiting for your email ….

    she did pick out my perfect ciaociao Spiaggia …. i hate to call it mine coz it’s not physically in my hands yet ……….but I am super excited !!!

    It’s really very nice of you to do this for me … thank you again and again !

  45. keroppi says:

    Ku’uuipo – thanks for the august heads-up.

    i was reading through the blog and got a little confused. can anyone provide a summary of what has been re-released this year and what prints will be coming and when? or is this information not publicly available in advance?


  46. Ku`uipo says:

    marhem – i emailed earlier. i just resent it. and you are very welcome. i am just glad that i was able to get it for you. (& thanks to the ala moana staff)

    keroppi – so earlier this year was inferno, paradiso, l’amore (last month), spiaggia (last week), famiglia (next month), and finally trasporto (august). then no more… we have to wait for the new bags.

  47. amberdad says:

    re-releases so far, in this order:
    Citta Rosa (Hawaii airport/Waikiki DFS only)

    And besides the nuvola, the Spiaggia print did not come out in caramella.
    I also did not see any trenino this time around.
    For this re-release I only got my daughter a Mamma Mia.
    Out of 85 toki, its her first Mamma Mia.

  48. IhateTDfakes says:

    There is still the following available at Waikiki LSS since the last time I went (earlier this week)….

    Paradiso – Bella, Bambino, Denaro, Caramella and Canguro

    Inferno – Bambino, Ciao

    Quite a few styles still available in L’amore but no MM, BV, Cucciolo, Dolce
    and of course Spiaggia….I noticed that they didn’t have any Caramella’s though.

  49. keroppi says:

    i was hoping to pick up a Paradiso Cucciolo. the prices on ebay are too much!! i guess i’ll try to catch it with the transporto re-release.


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