New Contest Hosted by Chicki

It’s time for another contest! :D This one will be graciously hosted by Chicki.

How to Enter:
Post a comment naming what your fantasy piece of tokidoki merchandise would be.

1st Place – 80s shoulder bag and wallet

first place prizes

2nd Place – Sushi Race shopper

2nd place prize

3rd Place – Soccer petite bag
Lollypop pencil case
sharpener (blue)

3rd place prize

4th Place – Bad Trip shoulder bag
Sandy sharpener
cactus pup

4th place prize

5th Place – Adios outline shopper (grey)
Adios pencil sharpener

5th place prize

Contest Rules:
1. Sportsmanship is required of all participants both during and after the contest.

2. This contest runs from July 16 – August 3, 2008 at 11:59pm. At that time, entries will be closed and the judging will begin. Vicky from Chicki will be performing the judging. Winners will be announced on August 4, 2008.

3. First and second place will be selected by the judge as the most creative and/or humorous ideas. Third, fourth and fifth place will be picked at random from all of the entries.

407 Responses to “New Contest Hosted by Chicki”

  1. Chinky says:

    You know those desktop figurines that wobble its head when it’s exposed to sunlight?
    I would love to see one with tokidoki characters ;)
    Imagine watching your favorite tokidoki wobble its head when you’re on the computer, doing homework, talking on the phone or doing whatever…
    It’s so cute :)

  2. Ciao Ciao says:

    My fantasy tokidoki item would be ties with tokidoki prints :D
    My boyfriend would love it so much :)
    When we go out to formal dances or places, he can match my tokidoki purse with his tokidoki tie ;)
    It’ll be so kute XD

  3. Ryoko says:

    I would love some more tokidoki hair accessories~
    I know we had some skull and crossbone hair clips produced by tokidoki before, but I would love to see some more accessories.

    Maybe some hair ties with small tokidoki characters dangling from them.
    Or a headband with an all-over tokidoki print.
    They could also make barettes and hair pins that feature a small tokidoki character on the end.

  4. Victoria says:

    a nice big thick tokidoki blanket! Super colorful too!
    i’d like a nice cozy & warm blanket to keep me warm during the winter time!
    I dont have heat in my room because the radiator is broken and having a nice thick warm tokidoki blanket would be perfect to keep me warm in the wintertime. I rather have one nice blanket then 3 blankets on top of me, enabling me unable to move T_T;;

  5. Meiko says:

    It’s not really a specific item…but wouldn’t a tokidoki theme park be amazing? There could be print themed rides like a scary Inferno rollercoaster and the basic layout of the park could resemble the carnival print. There could also be mascots in Ciao Ciao costumes and such. It would truly be a fantasy land

  6. Regina says:

    My dream Tokidoki item would be a shawl that could be a day and evening wearer. One side would have the adorable all-over colourful prints, which would be used for day wear. The other side would be plain black, but with a Swarovski crystal Sandy and Bastardino on the front edge for an evening out with lots of sparkle!

  7. nxdlamb says:

    His and Hers Adios and Ciao Ciao bathroom set and accessories. first off the bathroom paint colors would be officially custom, appropriately named Pink Ciao and Adios Black. The shower curtain would be a greyscale version of the Inferno print w/ a large Adios and Ciao Ciao, in color, centered, complete w/ adios and ciao ciao head hooks. A pink and black toilet tank and lid cover w. different poses of adios and ciao ciao printed through out the fabric. a Skeletrino soap dispenser, w/ tail curving over for soap dispensing. A Skeletrina Soap Dish. A figure-type toothbrush holder of Adios and Ciao Ciao. Adios would be holding his scynth with a hole for a toothbrush to be placed in front and Ciao Ciao wold be holding a balloon and lollipop with the same hole for toothbrush. and of course it would be complete with an Black Adios toothbrush and a Pink Ciao Ciao toothbrush. There should also be matching black and pink bath and hand towels with the appropriate matching character head embroidered on them. There would be plush, fuzzy bathroom rugs, of their heads. And last but not least, wall decals with the main inferno characters in greyscale and one large decal each of Adios w/ lollipop and Ciao Ciao for cntering on the wall.

    One more thing on a side note that i wish would be made to is Tokidoki Wallpaper, that featured some of complete bag prints patterns and some new patterns!!

  8. TokiAngel says:

    A Tokidoki Laptop, a Tokidoki tablet, A Tokidoki cell phone and Tokidoki gachapon!

  9. Lauren says:

    tokidoki dog shirts!!!! so me and my dog can match when i take him for walk
    maybe a tokidoki DS game

  10. JeZ says:

    A tOkidoki Laptop!!!~

    how cute would that be…

    u can bring it to everywhere..
    we even have tokidoki laptop bags..

    sO we definitely need a tokidoki Laptop as well!!!

  11. Janelle says:

    I had to throw in a last minute after-thought to my original post!!! I was looking through my pictures from SDCC, and I was wishing for a tokidoki picture frame so that I could display my pictures from the toki booth and meeting Simone in a representin’ style!!! :)

    I also saw SEVERAL paper umbrellas/parasols yesterday at the Orange County Fair (it was VERY warm and sunny!), and I thought it would be cool to see toki umbrellas of that nature, too!!! As it’s a reflection of the Asian/Japanese culture Simone draws his inspiration from, how appropriate would that be?! ;)

  12. April Andrews says:

    Tokidoki laptop sleeve

    Tokidoki kitchenaid mixer

    Tokidoki minivan

    Tokidoki salt and pepper shakers

    Tokidoki kite

    Tokidoki sail for sailboat

  13. Jasmine says:

    I would want a tokidoki cellphone, tokidoki nintendo ds lite, tokidoki psp, tokidoki beanies, 2 ft tokidoki characters, tokidoki bed sheets. I love these things.

  14. Michy says:

    I would want TD barbie dolls. They would different varieties of the girls and would come complete with a mini TD character toy. They would also have changeable clothes, shoes, and even mini TD handbags! Anyone can enjoy them! Haha they can even make a simone doll as the male barie doll, like ken ! Lol that would be great! If all else fails, figure statues will do. :D

  15. nicki says:

    here are my ideas…

    tokidoki print macbook or laptop
    tokidoki print cell phones or cell phone covers
    tokidoki car seat covers or tokidoki inspired car
    tokidoki longboard (sector 9)
    tokidoki bedding
    tokidoki guitars
    tokidoki piggy banks
    tokidoki decals for gaming systems like the wii, xbox 360, nintendo ds, etc.
    tokidoki sigg reusable water bottles
    something that is eco friendly and made out of reusable or sustainable materials. you could definitely do a sector 9 bamboo longboard.
    tokidoki furniture
    more tokidoki baby clothing other than just onesies. and tokidoki printed baby bottles bpa and pthalate free.
    more wall decals
    tokidoki car vinyl decals
    tokidoki classic vans slipons
    tokidoki dog clothing and toys
    tokidoki band aids
    tokidoki belts. not just the buckle but a whole tokidoki printed belt and buckle.
    tokidoki wrapping paper for presents (i would probably never use it cause i wouldnt want anyone ripping it up.)
    tokidoki furniture. couches, headboards, lamps, desks, night stands, dressers, etc.
    tokidoki frames for prescription eye glasses or sunglasses
    tokidoki plates, bowls, spoons, forks, knives, etc.
    tokidoki bath towels

    hope those sounds like good ideas to you guys…but i would totally take ANYTHING that had tokidoki on it…good luck everyone!

  16. emily a. says:

    wtf it just deleted my comment…

    well anyways i came up with another one (i hope thats okay)…
    a tokidoki fireplace!!! the whole front of it would be the inferno scene. the mantle would have different-colored little devils all along it. ontop would be a display case with lights for all of your favorite tokidoki paraphernalia. there would be glass doors with handles that were those little vampire bats. at the back of the firepit would be one big adios that would be visible through the flames of the fire. in the concrete would be a relief image of the adios star. to top it off would be the adios-themed, cast iron fireplace tools. the toolstand would be a big adios that held the poker, shovel, and brush, all of which had the adios spade on the handles. i would totally make a fire everyday no matter what the weather was if i had an awesome fireplace like that!!!

  17. joanna says:

    -since i collect mugs, i would love a tokidoki themed mug.
    -i also love soft pillows, so i would really love a tokidoki themed pillow or pillow cases.
    -tokidoki electric fan/ and or AC
    -tokidoki dog bed for my wonderful rhishii
    -tokidoki wrapping paper
    -tokidoki water bottles. :)
    -tokidoki PERFUME and LOTION LINE!
    -tokidoki refrigirator!
    -tokidoki themed telephone! like one of those disney thmed ones but for tokidoki

    Last but not the least: TOKIDOKI ICECREAM! just like those themed icecream cones! i want one for tokidoki. so that way everyone can say they can afford tokidoki since a lot of it is so expensive. :P

  18. chocolatepie says:

    Oooo. Fantasy? That means adventure time >D

    I would like a tokidoki flying saucer that I could fly around in space in, like the ones the Jetsons had. Then I could explore the the stars while spreading tokidoki across the universe. Yaaaaay.

  19. Haruko says:

    I’d like a tokidoki wall clock. It would look like the watches, only bigger! Can you imagine the record spinning or the sushi on the line moving? any scene would look great bigger, on the wall, and maybe a chime at every hour? Awesomeness! The clock can be for home or office or place of business. Even a desktop size clock would look fabulous! Any shape or size TD clock is my fantasy item :D

  20. jill says:

    tokidoki vitamins!
    like those flinstone vitamins but tokidoki! since my mommy always makes me take vitamins and i dont like taking them but im sure if they were tokidoki vitamins i would eat them without no hestation but then again would they be too cute to eat?! lol. :P

  21. Inkie says:

    What’s a Tokidoki Ray Gun? — What will happen when the day comes when our Tokidoki God, Simone Legno transends this physical realm? For hundreds of years his followers will mourn his loss and lament the fact that there will never be any new Tokidoki characters to love. Gradually, over time, people will forget what it means to love and there will be great wars. Fortunately, Earth’s greatest scientists, will crack the Legno Code. Using the preserved brainwave patters of Simone Legno they will create a Tokidoki ray gun, which will enable anyone to Tokidokify everyday ordinary objects. As the world becomes more Tokidoki, it will bring the world together and the world will once again rejoice in their shared love for Tokidoki.

  22. Alex says:

    so i think the ultimate tokidoki idea would be a tokidoki theme vacation. it would start with a jumbo airplane decked out with tokidoki decals and furnished all with a toki decor inside. The staff inside the plane would have a special uniform designed by Simone and then the plane would obviously land in copenhagen, denmark where you would have accommodations at Hotel Fox in the tokidoki suite. As far as the actual city you could have the hotel write up an itinerary full of places, museums, and restaurants to visit, which you would get to via a hotel assigned tokidoki vespa. Finally at the end of the trip you would leave with a complementary toki gift bag on your way home.

  23. ting says:

    aromatic character candles, rubik’s cube, laptop notebook stickers

  24. Ebojager says:

    Tokidoki sunglasses

  25. Kristi says:

    Tokidoki cell phone

  26. Heather says:

    a Tokidoki VW bug

  27. Ashi says:

    I would like to have some sort of tokidoki outdoor set complete with pool so I could have a tokidoki themed pool party! The pool could have various sea creatures that have been featured on the bags and ipod cases, like koi, sea turtles, whales, etc. The tile around the edge of the pool could have Adios Star and Nana Bianca in an alternating fashion. Then, there would be water noodles with various tokidoki beach themed friends, with people building sand castles and playing volleyball. Then, blow up beach balls would be in the pool, following the same theme. Everyone would have tokidoki beach towels with various characters like the storm cloud and Sandy or Bastardino. Then, there would be patio furniture, featuring various characters and some of the tokidoki girls (like the one from the Tsuru watch) on the outdoor pillows, and the tokidoki logo could be etched into the wood of the furniture.

    A tokidoki themed pool party would not be complete without food, so plates and silverware are necessary. Maybe the plates could have the tokidoki logo in various colors, with some of the characters on the knives, forks, and glasses. The table would be covered in a tokidoki tablecloth, again following the beach theme. But most importantly, every pool party needs a barbecue set! Now, the grill itself would have to be one of the large ones, made out of cast iron or steel, and the tokidoki characters could be painted on the grill itself, maybe a person grilling with a little apron, and it could show some of the characters eating hot dogs, hamburgers and ice cream. The chef would of course need their own apron, which could be some sort of overall print with various types of food being prepared, like sushi, grilled food, people making cakes, etc. The utensils for grilling would be black and have the tokidoki logo printed all over them, while the grilling gloves and towels could match the apron. Then, there would be a tokidoki chef’s hat that could be white and just have the tokidoki logo on it.

  28. Linda says:

    I would love a custom designed tokidoki wheelchair for my son. The back part of the wheelchair would have a fully painted scene and have a printed seat cloth covering. The wheels would have an adios star in the center and have silver bullet tips at the end of the handles bars to push.

  29. Ummy says:

    Picture yourself cruising down your neighborhood street in your car, and as you pass by the people of your community, drivers waiting at stop signs, and children playing in their front yards, they all smile at the glance of your favorite Tokidoki character dancing on the dashboard of your car. So what exactly is my fantasy piece of Tokidoki merchandise? A Tokidoki bobble head, of course!

    We already have Tokidoki figurines, so why not bobble heads? Really, how cool would it be to have a Tokidoki character quiver humorously on your computer desk—at home or in your office at work—or even on your washing machine? A Tokidoki bobble head will give us fans another joyful opportunity to express our love for these cute Japanese-inspired characters, as well as express part of our own personalities anywhere we want to. Plus, like Tokidoki, bobble heads are just so fun to look at, and even more fun to collect.

    The Tokidoki bobble heads would come in many of the popular characters that have made us laugh, smile, and squeal in awesomeness, including the caring Sandy, the kind-yet-mischievous Adios and his true love Ciao Ciao, the brave Mozzarella, the tough Bastardino, and everyone’s favorite Moofian, Latte!

    There are so many interesting things I could do with a Tokidoki bobble head it could take weeks to list them all. Perhaps I’m over-daydreaming and sounding a little crazy, but all in all, a Tokidoki bobble head would make someone happy. The glee may just last for a minute, or maybe a few seconds, but sometimes it will brighten someone’s day, and sometimes even the smallest glimmer of happiness has the power to change one’s destiny.

  30. Littlesinner says:

    I don’t know if this has been mentioned cuz I didn’t read the hundreds of entries (though I read a few and they were great!!).

    My dream tokidoki purchase would be an all-day pass to an amazing theme park (not the one that that Disney guy created) but one opened up by Simone Legno called TokidokiLand. (I wish!!)

    Imagine it:

    Little flowers everywhere with smiling faces. Adios and Ciao Ciao at the front gate greeting all the visitors. Mozzarella and her gang with little carts selling ice cream. A tiny forest area where you could play with Tokidoki monkeys, bluebirds and sasquatches. Cactus girls would run the fun Paradiso Kingdom and scary Inferno Realm rides. There would be a little island in the center of the park called Pirata Isle. Here there would be jewels, mermaids, sea creatures, a volcano and more monkeys (with eye patches of course!). And just on the outside ring of the island would be the Spiaggia Beach where you can play in the water and build sandcastles. You could have ice cream, fly a kite or just take a nap. I would highly recommend keeping a watchful eye out for the elusive Beach Unicorn. Then couples could ride the Tokidoki Tunnel of L’Amore where everyone has a perfect match. You would see families of mushrooms, milk cartons, chili peppers, flowers, koi fish, and sushi love (just to name a few!). Then head over to Transporto Territory where you can ride all kinds of vehicle inspired rides…my favorite would be the dinosaur or maybe the pink elephant!

    There would be beautiful pink-haired girls walking around, soccer games everywhere, girls with cool tattoos blowing bubbles, air balloons, superhero boys flying around, peaches, stars and rainbows and clouds with cute faces.

    Yes. An all-day pass to a theme park like this. That would be my dream Tokidoki purchase (Imagine the gift shop!!!).

  31. Audrey says:

    Customizable tokidoki prints! How cool would it be if you could choose which characters you wanted to incorporate into your print, which theme (beach, winter, carnival, etc.), then choose the color of your bag, as well as the size/design.

  32. jill anne says:

    i want CUSTOM TOKIDOKI INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR PAINT COLORS. maybe sell them at the home depot or Lohs. naming each paint color after a tokidoki character. like Adios Black, Ciao Ciao Pink, Bastardino Green. so this way i can create my dream tokidoki bedroom and my dream tokidoki house in the future. :)

    i also want a tokidoki inspired Plasma screen tv. :)

  33. sophie says:

    tokidoki lanyard. i would never lose my keys if i had that thing.

  34. B. Bo says:

    Wow this is tough, everything I think of has been said. Here are some that I think haven’t been mentioned…
    1. Bouncy houses! Inflatable Tokidoki bouncy houses for parties. They wouldn’t just be for kids anymore :)
    2. Tokidoki Magazine. It’s a way of life, it needs its own magazine.
    3. Tokidoki Casino, all the games Tokidoki themed, the waitresses dressed like Tokidoki girls, I would for sure stay there next time I’m in Vegas!

    And my dreamiest dream of Tokidoki products…

    4. Tokidoki remodeled vintage Airstream travel trailers. They are so adorable, one decked out in Tokidoki would be amazing!

  35. Nora says:

    tokidoki Dr. Martens !! super cute & tough footwear! : )

  36. EK Sheikh says:

    tokidoki headphones?! :D

  37. ***************************************
    Entries are now CLOSED. Good luck, everyone!

  38. Emily says:

    Tokidoki ballet flats and a tokidoki moofia printed tie.

  39. Jessikur says:

    tokidoki crib bedding

  40. StephanieB says:

    I would absolutely love to see TokiDoki Seat Covers for my car, steering wheels cover and floor mats. Bring the happiness of Tokidoki everywhere you go…. That would be awesome!

  41. Delia says:

    I’d REALLY REALLY like tokidoki wedding theme cards or wedding paraphelia :)

    I am getting married soon and am in the process of sending out invites for my wedding. The first thing that came to my mind was….. TOKIDOKI wedding theme!


  42. willie says:

    A tokidoki cap which has a spinning fan on it which is solar powered=D

  43. Sing yee says:

    I’d love Tokidoki-themed snacks, like those Japanese Meiji types. Chocolates in the shape of Tokidoki characters. Pocky-like biscuit sticks with Tokidoki logo and character images printed all over them (sort of like a burnt-shade on the biscuit). That’ll be so fun. :D
    Tokidoki full colour prints on slabs of white chocolate. *drools…* Make that into a gingerbread house, with Tokidoki characters of sugar paste, chocolate, candies…. *drools more…*

  44. Camillion says:

    i want……… tokidoki wallpaper, old time radio, lifesize cardbored sabochan and a emerjency eathquake kit!

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  46. Tessie Ravelo says:

    My tokidoki fantasy would be Babu’s face on one of the tokidoki’s charcters face. It would be so cute and adorable.

  47. Margaret says:

    I would love if they had a theme of cats. angel cats, devil cats, snoby cats, sexy cats, bloody cats, stupid cats, nice cats, happy cats, depresed cats, crying cats, grinning cats, jumping cats, etc. emotions of cats… catz world. milk cafe, dry&wet food resturant! it would be so cute and intersting

  48. frankie says:

    Some sort of seal By tokidoki would be totally cute

  49. Margaret says:

    i think it will be interesting if it was the world of halloween…
    like goth, emo, wizards, ghosts, dead people, grave yards,and etc.

  50. Margaret says:

    i think it will be really cool if it was like 2 differenet sides of a story:
    at school, a animal(devil) was cheating off of another animal(angle) and the teacher caught them and took the home work away from them. then their friend had to listen complain about each other… so the friend tells the story, while there is a zoom picture of the devil on the left side and the angle on the other, and the friend in the middle with tears in it’s eyes. and on each side showing how the other is bad and they aren’t.


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