New Contest Hosted by Chicki

It’s time for another contest! :D This one will be graciously hosted by Chicki.

How to Enter:
Post a comment naming what your fantasy piece of tokidoki merchandise would be.

1st Place – 80s shoulder bag and wallet

first place prizes

2nd Place – Sushi Race shopper

2nd place prize

3rd Place – Soccer petite bag
Lollypop pencil case
sharpener (blue)

3rd place prize

4th Place – Bad Trip shoulder bag
Sandy sharpener
cactus pup

4th place prize

5th Place – Adios outline shopper (grey)
Adios pencil sharpener

5th place prize

Contest Rules:
1. Sportsmanship is required of all participants both during and after the contest.

2. This contest runs from July 16 – August 3, 2008 at 11:59pm. At that time, entries will be closed and the judging will begin. Vicky from Chicki will be performing the judging. Winners will be announced on August 4, 2008.

3. First and second place will be selected by the judge as the most creative and/or humorous ideas. Third, fourth and fifth place will be picked at random from all of the entries.

407 Responses to “New Contest Hosted by Chicki”

  1. Folks, just an FYI that this contest ended on August 3rd.

  2. katy says:

    My dream tokidoki thing would defintately be a tokidoki yukata!! It would be soooooooooo cool!!!

  3. toni says:

    I know this is done with but what about a tokidoki towel that goes head to toe like it goes around you and has a hoodie with the character face! like adios and ciao ciao and yeah

  4. brittany dugan says:

    sorry im late so i really hope you see my ideas. My tokidoki thing would be a lot of stuff so here i go. im only 11 so i wish they made a car but in a couple of years so i would be able to drive it.That would be cool if the made bed room set with bed sheets and comforter and like a chair. what about a bathroom set with towels and soap bottles of the characters or like a bathing suit with towel but for girls and boys. For toys that would be cool if they made catus kittens or like two big catus people like that yellow one i see a lot like on bags and stuff and i big black catus person like i saw on a bck of a mofia. they should make shirts for dogs so i could dress my toy poodle in named ella. that would be so cool if they came out with a rug. ok thanks for everything an if i dont win i hope you guys could use some of my ideas .

  5. becky masuga says:

    All of my ideas have been taken. I guess that’s what I get for waiting until the last day to enter! I’d REALLY like to see Tokidoki character Halloween costumes. Halloween is my favorite holiday and Tokidoki is my favorite designer, so bring the 2 together fulfills my fantasy (product)!

  6. Just a reminder that this contest ended a year ago.. (sorry!)
    Results were posted here: tasy-contest-winners-are/

  7. Michelle ('chiKo) says:

    I’m all about any kind of motocycle gear from Toki Doki. I Many of the moto gear designers have already incorporated that tokyo pop style in their accessories. But I want truly toki doki. You guys think you can help? I already use the shirts under my existing moto gear and I’ve got mad decals on my bike.


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