Tobi Has Carnival Print Bags for Pre-Order

Carnival print tokidoki bags are available for pre-order now at Tobi!! I am so excited, they look sOoO cute! The new bags are available for pre-order in 5 styles:

  • Abbraccio – a backpack that is (w) 13.5” x (d) 6.25” x (h) 16.5”
  • Amica – a tote bag with dimensions (w) 21” x (d) 8.25” x (h) 14”
  • Carezza – a bag similar to the Zucca style with dimensions (w) 15.75” x (d) 4.75” x (h) 11.25”
  • Sorriso – a purse similar to the Bambinone with dimensions (w) 11.5” x (d) 4” x (h) 7.75”
  • Bacio – a small handbag with two short straps with dimensions (w) 8” x (d) 2.75” x (h) 4.5”

Tobi also has a photo of the new Adios keychain that comes with each bag:

2008 adios qee

Thanks to Lashonne for the heads up!  I also have word from Tobi that their shipment of the Carnival print bags is already on its way, and should be arriving within the next few weeks.

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  1. Jackie says:

    I ordered the Carezza style from Tobi and it came today! The bag is super cute and I love it. I took the risk of not seeing this bag in person first, and I have no regrets. The print is fun and there are SOOO many characters on this print.

  2. Colleen says:

    really? i ordered mine from tobi as well, but have yet to recieve it. i looked at the tracking info and it says its still in california since 7/26 but should arrive on 7/31. i’m just confused why it hasn’t moved anywhere since saturday. i hope my bag didn’t get lost!

  3. Jackie says:

    Colleen — I ordered it on July 22nd, and on the 25th, I got a confirmation email that it was shipped out. So for me, it took about 4 business days to arrive. I’m in Canada though, so I had to pay an extra $20 for a customs charge =(. I think that yours should be arriving soon. It is probably delayed because you ordered it over a weekend and UPS works on regular business days. Which style did you order?

  4. happysmoke says:

    AUUGGGHHH!!!! I got my Carnival AMICA today. IT IS SOOOOO CUTE!!!!
    I thought the bag was going to be a lot larger than the buon viaggio but you can barely tell. If anything it’s a little longer. The green leather gives the bag a really nice touch. I didn’t ask for a particular placement,was kind of nervous but the bag is really cute. If you purchased this bag for sure you will get the entire design front, back, sides or bottom. And it’s not as yellow as many of us thought it was going to be back when the blog first alerted us of the new design. Can’t wait for the next design!!!!! The keychain is really tight also :D
    Colleen – I live in los angeles,placed order on the 23, confirmation 25, received 29.

  5. Colleen says:

    thanks! i will let you know when i get mine. :)

  6. Colleen says:

    Jackie-i ordered the sorriso style. i like smaller bags. it looks so cute. i’m hoping it comes tomorrow or friday. :)

  7. Colleen says:

    i got my bag 2day! it’s so cute. and it has the full haunted castle scene!

  8. Decayde says:

    I have the bag….But I’m a little sad that I didn’t recieve my keychain too



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