Tobi Has Carnival Print Bags for Pre-Order

Carnival print tokidoki bags are available for pre-order now at Tobi!! I am so excited, they look sOoO cute! The new bags are available for pre-order in 5 styles:

  • Abbraccio – a backpack that is (w) 13.5” x (d) 6.25” x (h) 16.5”
  • Amica – a tote bag with dimensions (w) 21” x (d) 8.25” x (h) 14”
  • Carezza – a bag similar to the Zucca style with dimensions (w) 15.75” x (d) 4.75” x (h) 11.25”
  • Sorriso – a purse similar to the Bambinone with dimensions (w) 11.5” x (d) 4” x (h) 7.75”
  • Bacio – a small handbag with two short straps with dimensions (w) 8” x (d) 2.75” x (h) 4.5”

Tobi also has a photo of the new Adios keychain that comes with each bag:

2008 adios qee

Thanks to Lashonne for the heads up!  I also have word from Tobi that their shipment of the Carnival print bags is already on its way, and should be arriving within the next few weeks.

58 Responses to “Tobi Has Carnival Print Bags for Pre-Order”

  1. Joey says:

    ooo so pretty! ^_^

  2. Anna says:

    Will we be able to use the 10% code on the preorders?

  3. cory says:

    is tobi willing to help with print placement?

  4. Anna: I am not sure – try it & see if it works.
    cory: Yes, they are. :)

  5. jessakamitz says:

    Thanks for the notice :)

    I think I need to see this one IRL first though…

  6. minuet says:

    me too. i definately want to see it upclose.

    thanks for the heads up. this is one great blog ^^

  7. Marlena says:

    I wanna see it up close as well. Anyone know what stores they’ll have it in?

  8. Callie says:

    The Metro Park here in Dallas told me they will be getting them.

  9. Opheliea says:
  10. Jamie says:

    Oooh, I like the Carezza style! Reminds me of the Zucca.

    I want one of these!

  11. Anna says:

    Just to let everyone know, the discount code works for the preorder!

  12. marie says:

    I was so excited for these bags but now that I see them, I don’t like the shapes. I wanted one shoulder bag / messenger bag like the campeggio.
    The print is cute though.

  13. Vi says:

    yes im soo happy!
    i hope metropark will have this in by next week
    soo i can get it as a birthday present instead of buying it myself haha

  14. stephanie says:

    any idea about what types of brick and mortar stores these might end up in (aside from the places who sell them in their online shops)?

  15. Jessie says:

    I would really like to know what other stores are getting these as well!

  16. Jennifer says:

    Oh God! HOW CUTE! I’m soooo excited!!!

  17. josie says:

    what’s the 10% off discount code? thanks in advance!

  18. kayala83 says:

    Yes the discount count at Tobi works and you get free shipping. I just ordred the cerrazza. I cannot wait for it to come in.

  19. Maggie says:

    Hm, not crazy about any of them, but I like the sorriso best. I have no money so I’ll be waiting regardless!

  20. nxdlamb says:

    WOW!! I like the print, but the bag i want is not available through the pre-order…8( i want the Creativa!!

  21. Bridget says:

    I think I’m gonna wait for eco-mondo. XD It comes out on the month of my birthday [conveniantly], & I have too many purses as it is!

    I like the Carezza + Baccio styles & I’m on the fence about which style to get.

  22. Tamra says:

    Can someone tell me what the Tobi discount code is? I can’t seem to find it. Thanks!

  23. Carmela says:

    I found this on livejournal earlier… pics of all 3 prints coming out!

    >>there are 3 new prints coming out, one for each month: august, september, october –> Carnival, Eco, Punk)

    Eco Mundo 06_5dcc203d9e_o.jpg 43_4bd9d28f62_o.jpg

    concerto punk: 64_69ac5e0045_o.jpg 59_5cdf4368f4_o.jpg

    Carnival: ust-335×303.jpg

    bacio (mini handbag) $138
    amica (large tote) $210
    graziosa (small messenger) $178
    creativa (large messenger) $248
    magia (sling/belt bag) $158
    carezza (large handbag) $184
    abbraccio (large backpack) $248
    sorriso (hobo) $158

  24. Carmela says:

    Hmm.. my computer seems to be acting up, sorry if I posted that more than once!

  25. Jay says:

    Carmela–thanks for listing the prints and pics of them! It helped to refresh my memory and get a better shot of them. The pics on Toby you can’t see it close up. Thanks a bunch!!!!

  26. Anna says:

    Jay: If you click on the pictures on Tobi, a window with larger pics of the bags will pop up.

  27. dangster says:

    I’m thrilled that there is a finally a Tokidoki bag (the Bacio) that I can hold my PSP in!

  28. shuzluva says:

    I was just on wikipedia feeding my tokidoki addiction and didn’t even realize that Simone was releasing new bags until I read about it there (of course, now I’m signed up for this blog, so I won’t miss another thing).

    I hopped over here, saw that Tobi has the bags on pre-sale and ordered the Carezza, along with the 10% discount. I am such a happy camper! Carmela, thanks for posting the prints and bag descriptions. I’m not convinced about Eco-Mondo, but I absolutely adore the Concerto Punk.

  29. Krissy says:

    I ordered a sorriso…I am SOOOOOOO excited….now I just have to wait!!!! Thanks for the tip!!

  30. minuet says:

    I couldn’t really make out the carnival print from TOBI. Thank you for posting a clearer view Carmela. Now, I appreciate the print much more, but I’m still not sold on the styles I saw. I can’t wait to see the other styles.

  31. Sue from Canada says:

    Youch!!! What the heck – they’re even more expensive than the LeSportsac originals. Wow. I think that’s it for me! It’s just too bad because so many younger folk love these bags and unless they have rich parents they aren’t going to get them!

    I just sent my friends’ daughter all my moofia toys and stickers etc… because she loves tokioki so much but there’s no way her family will be able to ever afford the bags plus shipping and duties etc…

    It’s actually cheaper for me to get the prints tattooed than buy a bag and they last longer lol! I still want them but we’ll see – maybe the Ecomundo print… ;)

  32. maybelline says:

    I really want the Creativa and the Graziosa, which are not offered for pre-order at Tobi. I did a quick Google search and found this:

    It’s a boutique in NY that is offering all 8 styles for pre-order. I’m not sure about ordering from them, but through this link you can see what all 8 styles look like in the Carnival print.

  33. Carolyn says:

    Does anyone know if any of the new released bags will have the Gioco style? Or will all the new bags be just the 8 new styles listed? It’s my favorite style and I never had the chance to get one :( And I don’t want to pay ridiculous prices on ebay for one. Thanks!

  34. Carmela says:

    Thanks maybelline, it’s interesting to see the new styles. They’re still going to be sold in Macy’s and Nordstrom’s right? I’d rather see them in person before I decide on a purse style although I’m definitely leaning towards the Carezza since I love the Zuccas.

  35. shuzluva says:

    Sue – wikipedia did note that there would be sticker shock with the new bags. I’m not sure why they decided to increase prices so significantly.

    Maybelline, I’m so glad you posted all eight styles. I’m thrilled that I got the Carezza in the carnival print, but I would love to get the Graziosa in the concerto punk when it’s available. I’m still up in the air about Eco Mundo. I would like to see the print in person – but with all of the people that love this, I have the feeling I’ll be buying before seeing just to make sure I get my hands on it!

    Carmela – is there any way of finding out about Macy’s and Nordstroms other than calling the stores? Have they done any advertising? I’d love to see all of the styles in person…

  36. Colleen says:

    ugh. i want to order a sorriso, but i want a certain placement! i love the haunted house with the little ghosts and stuff. ugh.

  37. nxdlamb says:

    colleen, the haunted castle scene is my favorite too!! i want a creativa with that placement center…lol

  38. JapanLA just got these in today. I will be posting pics tonight on the online store…or come to the store and see them…they are super cute! xoxo, jamie

  39. Tofufar says:

    I just drop my money all these two in Japan LA…
    tokidoki Carnival Amica
    tokidoki Carnival Graziosa

    cant wait till it comes…

    still thinking if i should get a Carezza, because i love Zucca so much..

  40. minuet says:

    Hi everyone. I was wondering if they will only make it in 8 styles?

    Anyone heard if they will come out with a carry on/luggage style similar to Luna?

  41. Krissy says:

    I got an email from Tobi today saying my bag shipped!!!!!Yayyyyyy!!! The Haunted Castle scene is my fav too…..I put a little note in with my order asking if they could pick one out with it….I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!

  42. Colleen says:

    do you think they will pick out what you want with just that little note????????? ugh, i will be so disappointed if mine comes without that placement! i should have just waited to get it from japanLA. damn.

  43. Colleen says:

    nxdlamb – isn’t the haunted castle so cute?! i want a sticker of it. i so hope my bag has that placement.

  44. Jay says:

    I keep hearing about the haunted castle but have not seen it. Does anyone have a pic that I can see?? THank you!! :)

  45. Jess :) says:

    pics of all the bags in the Carnival print:

  46. Jay says:

    thanks jess :)!!!!

  47. Jay says:

    Does anyone know if these will be in stores hawaii?? :) :) I would love to see them in person first!

  48. marie says:

    Just ordered my creativa from EOS New York. They already have them in stock and it was their last creativa (in window display). David, the manager, told me that there are not a lot of this model produced because Le Sportsac tought it would sell less. I already got the concerto punk reserved in creativa for october. This store is awesome (even tough it’s small), I went there on my trip to NYC this summer. The staff is really nice. Maybelline – you can totally trust this store to order.

    I also got someone to buy the SDCC geisha for me and the Dunny. I asked for the Dunny to be signed (hope the guy can pull it off).

    I wanted to pre-order the onitsuka tigers for Panic but my credit cardS are maxed out from all my tokidoki purchases (also have two pairs of onitsuka tigers shoes in pink lo top and high top plus some other random stuff)

  49. Rebekah says:

    I love the Carnival print, but I think I’ll wait for Eco Mondo. Carezza is my favorite style! Too bad Karmaloop is out of them right now. :(


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