The Trasporto Re-Release is August 8th

Reader Ku`uipo just let me know that the tokidoki Trasporto print re-release is happening tomorrow, August 8th.  That was sooner than expected! As with the other tokidoki bag print re-releases, the Trasporto print re-release is happening at LeSportsac stores in Hawaii and Guam only.

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  1. Jamie says:

    I live in the wrong state!

  2. linda says:

    i totally agree! i wish it can be released here in cali. how come it’s only re-released in hawaii and guam?

  3. ashley says:

    i just got a trasporto and i love that print!

    also, if anyone is interested, i have a few brand new bags with tags that i am selling. email me if you’re interested ( ive got a pirata & famiglia bocce and a l’amore portatelefono i am selling for retail price. i can also sell you a trasporto avventura or pirata canguro for retail price. let me know! i wouldn’t mind shipping them if costs are paid for. =)

  4. kristi says:

    I wonder if this has anything to do with the ‘conflict’ of the release of Carnival and the re-release of Famiglia. I cant imagine sales of Famiglia are through the roof since 1. Famiglia isn’t the most post popular print and 2. the new line was just released.

    Maybe LeSport realizes that if Eco Mondo and Transporto are released at the same time too, that their sales may be hindered by the ‘newness’ of Eco.

  5. Nicole says:

    How do you get them if they are released in Hawaii and Guam?

  6. baybeekarma says:

    Too bad I missed foresta..
    did they or are they going to re-release tutti?
    *fingers crossed*
    would be nice to find a foresta print zucca or gioco whose prices are going through the roof..

  7. Maggie says:

    So odd, I have a trasporto now and no one seems to want to buy it. Ah well, eBay it is.

  8. Tofufar says:

    Maggie, what trasporto you have ?? i am trying to complete my collection of trasporto and inferno..

  9. Karen says:

    Maggie I would be intereted in it.

  10. amy says:

    i have the same question as nicole – are they released in le sport sac stores in hawaii and guam or…? thanks!

  11. amy says:

    omg sorry i totally didn’t read your post carefully – whoops ignore me. :P

  12. iris says:

    does anyone know which styles are available and the price listings? thanks!

  13. hawaiinei says:

    If anyone wants I live in hawaii and can purchase for those of you that don’t live here for the re-releases.

  14. Maggie says:

    It’s an avventura and almost in perfect condition, email me at star_bellied_mags at hotmail dot com if you want to know more. I’m moving, I mostly want to get rid of everything I’m not using.

  15. jessakamitz says:

    Get someone to do a custom purchase, that’s just about the only way.

    I know that the outlet here does phone orders only w/ money order payments, but I’m not sure about the regular lesportsac, and that’s where it’s being re-released at. But yeah, maybe you can call and ask them, just to be sure, 973-6306.

  16. Transporto… hmm I was hoping the playground would come back :( However I just got my Carnival Creativa bag, very big but cute characters! I have to stare look at it longer… I only had a chance to look through it ;p

  17. busybee says:

    it’s in hawaii and guam only. tutti already had a re-release. i got a pp mamma mia. so happy

  18. IhateTDfakes says:

    busybee – When did tutti have a re-release? I live in Hawaii and don’t recall.

  19. hawaiinei says:

    what does duty free have right now in stock…does anyone know?

  20. IhateTDfakes says:

    Dutyfree has fumo, notte and bianco.

  21. busybee says:

    I think it was DFS exclusive.

  22. ihateTDfakes says:

    OH I see…I remember it being there I guess for some reason I just thought it was left over that didn’t sell because it was close to when it was still in the stores.

    Citta rosa was on sale for 30% off but now they don’t have anything left.

  23. baybeekarma says:

    duty free???
    whats duty free??
    cause i need the fumo and notte in gioco and zucca..
    do they take phone orders??

  24. baybeekarma says:

    or should i say which duty free??

  25. jessakamitz says:

    The Duty Free Lesportsac in the airport here in Hawaii had Citta Rosa when I was there in July.

    They probably don’t do phone orders. I’m not 100% sure…but yeah I highly doubt that.

  26. ihateTDfakes says:

    The Dutyfree in Waikiki across from Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center. They have an area for Lesportsac stuff near Coach.

  27. hawaiinei says:

    Does anyone know if the new prints has any style like the ciao?

  28. hawaiinei – No, there is no style like the Ciao for the new prints.

  29. hawaiinei says:

    thanks…for the info

  30. Allie says:

    Has anyone ordered any of the old tokidoki bags from Hawaii or Guam? They will only accept money order. Which is obviously the same as cash and I am making a big order so just wanted to see if anyone has had a good expierence with this.

    Also I spoke to a very nice girl at the guam location and they still have some l’amore stuff left, dolce, denaro and Bambino. And most styles available in the spiaggia and Famiglia.

  31. jenny says:

    Allie, what is the phone number for the Guam store? Do they have more than one LSS store in Guam? I would love to get some l’amore items and was afraid I was way too late.
    Also many, many thanks to tokidoki blog for this blog! I just discovered it a week ago- I thought I was all alone in my enthusiasm as I am the only Tokidoki fan I know. I’ve been having so much fun reading all the posts and seeing all the photos, just awesome! And as soon as I saw the information about the rereleases in Hawaii, I called, then ran out to get a cashier’s check, and have already received my Zuccas in Trasporto, Spiaggia and Notte. I am thrilled!!! Allie, my experience in doing this order was very positive and I had no problems at all! But they did tell me that they are all out of l’amore items in Hawaii.

  32. Veronica says:

    I would also like the phone numbers as well as the locations in Guam ! I already bought a Zucca as well as a Denaro in L’Amore but the L’Amore Zucca does not have my perferred print placement 100 % . So I may want to call Guam to see what is available !

  33. hawaiinei says:

    did you get the guam location phone # yet?

  34. hawaiinei says:

    Are any of the lesportsac outlets in the mainland still selling tokidoki products?

  35. Veronica says:

    Hawaiinei ;

    No I have not got the Guam numbers ! Do you have them ? The Tokidoki Outlets are long sold out of Tokidoki products ! Can someone from Hawaii let us know when the re-releases hit the outlets in Hawaii ?

  36. IhateTDfakes says:

    Veronica –
    Ever since the start of the re-releases…I have yet to see one of them make it to the outlet in Hawaii. :(

  37. Allie says:

    The number for lesportsac guam is 671-633-2300 and the items available in the L’amore are very limited if they even have any left. The last time I spoke to the girl was a couple days ago and I think they only had a couple pieces left. Give them a try though Nella is the girl I spoke with and she is very nice.

  38. hawaiinei says:

    thanks for the guam #…and I’ll be on the lookout for any tokidoki at the outlets in hawaii!

  39. jenny says:

    Allie, thanks for the phone number for LSS Guam. I hope you have a good experience with your order! I hope to get some of the old patterns from Guam, have to see what they have left. But I love the new bags- I just got my Careeza in Carnival from the tokidoki website with such great print placement- the pie eating contest on the front and the merry-go-round on the back- I am so happy! I like the new styles, particularly the Careeza and Graziosa. Is there a consensus on the new styles- do people generally like them?

  40. Mei Lee says:

    Jenny – how much was the shipping when you ordered the carnival print from the tokidoki website?

  41. jenny says:

    Shipping charge was $9.72 by UPS Ground but this will probably vary depending on how far it has to be shipped. Hope this helps.

  42. Veronica says:

    I thought there was more than one LeSportSac Store in Guam ? I could be wrong though but I thought there might be more than one location on Guam . I am still buying the older Tokidoki versus the newer Tokidoki bags ! ( It seems the older bags are getting harder and harder to obtain ! ) I’d rather spend my money on the rarer harder to find bags than the new ones ! The new ones have been released here in California for quite a while ! I’ve gone to see them but there wasn’t that ” I must have feeling ! ” I know I’ll buy one eventually !


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