Two New tokidoki Posters

Remember the two new tokidoki posters that I blogged about in my SDCC 2008 Wrap-Up post?  Reader Tamra just let me know that the posters are available for purchase now in the tokidoki online shop.  Each poster is 27″ x 40″ and retails for $25.

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  1. lyssa says: also added the SDCC geisha and dunny =)

  2. marie says:

    I’m kind of mad that Tokidoki added the Geisha toy to their website. It was supposed to be an exclusive at the San Diego Comic con. Since it was supposed to be that way, I got someone to buy it for me there. In total, with the ‘muling’ fees and shipping, it cost me 96$. And thank god I found someone who sold the Dunny at retail or I would have paid of lot for it too…

  3. Krisha says:

    marie – I couldn’t agree more. This is really frustrating and kind of false advertising IMO (not by tokidoki-blog obviously). I was lucky enough to have my stuff CP’ed for me by someone with a basic Paypal account so no fees but still. I could have had the platinum Cactus Pups CP’ed instead!

  4. Janelle says:

    It was so hard to get the Geisha Doll while at SDCC, too!!! I stood in line for hours only to get to the register to be told that they were sold-out not once, but TWICE, and I got there EARLY each day!!! The third time, thankfully, was a charm, and I was able to get a Geisha for myself along with a CP for another individual. It was definitely stressful, though, and I was VERY discouraged that entire weekend – ESPECIALLY because I promised a CP for someone else. I was able to get my Geisha signed by Simone, so that made the whole ordeal fulfilling for me. However, I think that if the item was NOT going to be exclusively released at SDCC, they shouldn’t have advertised it as such. There were TONS of disgruntled people over that freakin’ doll!!!

    As for the posters, I really like both – especially the Vegas-themed poster. I don’t have any room to hang ‘em up and fully appreciate ‘em though… :(

  5. wowie! =) I love these posters!

  6. Michy says:

    The posters are awesome! I’m stoked they also have the geisha and dunny… At least its giving those who couldn’t make it to sdcc a chance to get them. Too bad their shipping is outrageous~ good thing i have em already! but hooray non-the-less!

  7. jessakamitz says:

    I wish it didn’t cost so much to ship here :( Guess gotta wait for Prototype to get it.


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