New Concerto Punk Tees at Trendy Stars

Trendy Stars just added six more new super-cute tokidoki t-shirt design (thanks to ciNNie for the heads up!). The “My Bone” tee is my favorite… and how adorable is the tokidoki version of Sid Vicious?! Here is a sampling of the new goodies:

tokidoki Concerto Punk t-shirts

I have also been told that supplies of these tees are limited!

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  1. Janice says:

    The bone tee is my fav too, thanks for the update!

  2. Jess says:

    omg the 2nd one! does anyone know the name of the character holding the ice cream? so cute!

  3. nxdlamb says:

    his name is Arlecchino Jr. Are they really limited?

  4. Razorkiss says:

    Also on

  5. mzkaydi says:

    hahahah the skeleton one is adorable

  6. wowowowowowow so cute!! LOL

  7. Mollie says:

    Is there anywhere on the web that has a good breakdown on the sizing for these shirts? I thought I read on here someone said they were similar to AA? I would really like a width x length size chart, because it seems like they run really small!

  8. danielle says: has all of these tees and more!

  9. danielle says:

    basic tees-
    Small= chest-31/32 length- 23 1/2
    Medium= chest 32/33 length- 24
    Large= chest 34/35 length- 24 1/2
    Xlarge= chest 36 length – 25

  10. kristi says:

    Macy’s also carries these tees! I saw them at Sunvalley Mall in Concord, CA a few days ago! They’re so cute; the yellow was a little brighter than pictured here as far as I can remember though…

    still cute!

  11. Tofufar says:

    I saw the *Ice cream man* and the *Rocker* in Macy’s @ Herold Square… didnt catch my eyes that much…. especially the material on Ice cream man seems a bit *not tokidoki style*

  12. Mollie says:

    Thanks Danielle, but that actually isn’t really the dimensions of the shirts (well the length is). It indicates what size of person they think should be able to fit into each size shirt, rather than the size of the shirts themselves. :-\

    According to my chest size I should wear an XL, yikes.. I usually wear small to mediums

  13. danielle says:

    The sizing info above is what we use at tokidoki.

  14. Tamra says:

    Can anyone say if the sizing of the new shirts are the same as the sizing of the Yahoo shirt? It seems that they are getting longer and slimmer from the original tees.

  15. Poki's-Mumi says:

    If anyone is concerned that the Women’s Tees are too small TOKIDOKI.IT has some of these in Men’s also but in different colors.

    These are too cute!!

  16. MelikaMaeV says:

    These are so cute! I can’t wait ’til San Diego gets them! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Susy says:

    i have the first but is white and is different because is the european version *-*

  18. annie says:

    i also love the first tee! unfortunately it’s more of a yellowish color so it’s not going to work with my pale skin/red hair. but i LOVE the picture.

  19. colleen says:

    i hate how the shirts r 2 small! lol. i’m 2 fat 2 fit into them. the guys stuff, well most of it, isn’t as cute.

  20. Allyson says:

    I saw the Bone and some of the other t-shirts at Macy’s (I went to 3 Macy’s today, and only saw it at one of them — Irvine Spectrum). Since they are also having a Columbus Day sale and if you are a Macy’s cardholder, you can download a 15% discount pass, which you can use for Tokidoki items. This is also valid online.

    I just bought the Eco Mondo Graziosa bag online — Free shipping plus 15% off! Not a bad deal at all!

  21. Cheryl says:

    just wanted to mention that tokidoki is coming up with a LIMITED EDITION SCRUB SET … from Koi … on=scrubs:424A0C4F190d02C7BCULR1609C4B&-session=scrubs_login  :424A0C4F190d02C7BCVuI1609C4E

    you can pre-order them at the



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