Sale at The Giant Peach – Toys at Trendy Stars

The Giant Peach has a bunch of tokidoki items from past seasons on sale – two pages worth, check pages 2 and 3 when you follow the link. I am extremely tempted by the LP Vinile Watch, Orange but I need to be good until Christmas!

I also noticed that Trendy Stars added a new tokidoki Toys and Plush page to their store and is now also carrying the range of available tokidoki toys too.   By stalking their rainboots page I also see that the release date has been pushed back a bit to November, but the wait should be over soon!

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  1. Janice says:

    Darn I was looking forward to the rainboots too. I hope they are worth the wait.

  2. Sara says:

    Karmaloop has concerto bags up

  3. Sara – I saw that too (and mentioned it in the post below this one).. I also noticed that Karmaloop just added a Chooka page, so maybe they will carry the tokidoki x Chooka rainboots soon too!

  4. Krista says:

    Wow……… Thanks for the heads up! There’s clothes there I’ve never seen before!! LEMMINGS AHOY!! lol

  5. Tiah says:

    Does the rep code apply to the Bags on Karmaloop? I tried and it didn’t reflect the discount in the checkout.

  6. Gorgeous, as always! The hoodies, especially…

  7. Mei Lee says:

    all of lesportsac stores in hawaii are also having a sale on the tokidoki bags for 30% off! ^^

  8. TINAA says:

    Karmaloop has added Concerto Punk bags ! :)

  9. marie says:

    This is off topic but the snowboard gear from the collaboration with Ride is now on sale on the Tokidoki website. I want the coat (don’t know wich one yet) but I couldn’t any info on the sizing for them. Does anyone have a Ride brand snowboard coat?

  10. kawaiicent says:

    The Giant Peach website is having an additional 10% off their items but only for this weekend…the discount is already added to each item so there is no code…but hey…an extra 10%?! Not bad! :)


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