Info and Photos for the tokidoki for Hello Kitty II Line

Reader Veronica has done a whole bunch of research on the new tokidoki for Hello Kitty II line, and has all of this news to share with us:

“I spoke to Sales Associate Adrian at the San Francisco Sanrio store and they are expecting the new tokidoki for Hello Kitty Line in January. She couldn’t tell me exactly when since they are coming from Japan and if you remember the first tokidoki For Hello Kitty Line ran later than expected (there was a problem with the supplier). I also called the New York Times Square Store but they are more tight lipped about it, only saying they are expecting the line but offered few details as to time frame, items expected, etc. San Francisco did start a list of both phone numbers as well as e-mail addresses – they plan to send out a mass e-mail and text message when the line arrives in their store.

There will be no waiting list this time since there were many complaints from the general public saying it wasn’t fair to all. There will be no holds on the day of the release. However, they will take credit cards over the phone but you MUST be there by the closing of the store that day to sign and pick up of your merchandise. I also called Hawaii and they knew nothing in regards to the new line. They said that they haven’t heard anything from the home office in regards to the tokidoki For Hello Kitty line. I don’t know who will carry it in the Los Angeles area since Momoberry closed during the first tokidoki For Hello Kitty line. I tried calling JapanLA but they could not tell me much information. She did mention that they may carry the line but could not say what since the buyer was not in.”


Also, here are photos of the items in the tokidoki for Hello Kitty II line, thanks to the Cute Kitty blog! There are a TON of photos, so be sure to click the “read the rest of this entry” link at the bottom of this post to see them all.

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  1. Hef says:

    To the people in NYC who still care about this release lol,
    I was at the Sanrio Luxe store a few days ago to ask about the plush keychains and I was told they had been cancelled :(
    The pillows and blankets will be available later this month.
    They still have the jewelry, which I didn’t even bother looking at because it looks like something a 10yr old would wear.

  2. T says:

    I was wondering if this line will be sold online at or any of these online stores like Tobi or Trendy Stars throughout the year.

  3. stef says:

    So cute. This line is way better…I want everything!!! :)

  4. Linda Luu says:

    oh zomggg january is almost ending – has this line dropped in SF yet?! or im just out of the loop )=

  5. Tenshi says:

    Just heard that TK for HK is gonna drop tomorrow at the ala moana store!!!!

  6. Mimi says:

    does anyone know if the pillows & blankets released in NY luxe store already? If so, what’s the prices?. I just saw some pillows on ebay, I hope I didn’t miss out. :(

  7. smoke_monster says:

    Mimi – I’ve only seen the blankets on and
    the smaller pink one is $55 and the larger green one is $85

  8. Stefanie says:

    I’ve bought ablack and pink boston bag. I also bought a black mini one and a black wallet.


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