tokidoki Frenzies Keychain Zipper Pulls

There is a new tokidoki blind box series coming out in spring 2009 – tokidoki Frenzies! They can be used as keychains, zipper pulls, or phone charms and come in over 20 different styles. Thanks to Cecilia for the info and for pointing out that they are available for pre-order now on Tenacious Toys, which is where I snagged the photos below from.

tokidoki Frenzies

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  1. Janice says:

    smoke_monster – I think I am going to order the key chains from Tenacious Toys, but I found some other items on Happy Six that I want. Old well..

  2. smoke_monster says:

    i don’t blame you…. i wonder when the pulls will actually ship b/c you may have time to just wait it out

  3. Janice says:

    Haha, the toy addiction! Well addiction to buy all cute things..

    I can’t wait, I don’t want to preorder, I WANT IT NOW!! ):

  4. Tjelsi says:


  5. Joy says:

    OMG bedding my dream have come true…Always wanted them to do bedding.

    Now if only I can get my car decorate like that!!

  6. puasmommy says:

    Bedding is great! I want them to make beach towels now!!!

  7. smoke_monster says:

    Just got an email from Tenacious Toys saying that they’ll ship my Frenzies when they arrive in March…. So doesn’t look like we’ll be waiting too long for these to come out! :-)

  8. leech says:

    I don’t know if this is old news or not! But I fb’ed Sophie from Happy Six and she said they’ll be carrying the pillowcases/charms/plush so we can save on shipping !

  9. Cindy says:

    Does anyone know if Happy Six has these yet?

  10. Tenacious says:

    Dear Toki fans:
    Thank you SO MUCH for all for the orders! We actually had to increase our preoder for the tokidoki Frenzies from 1 Master Carton to 2. Looks like we may need to get a 3rd to fill all your preorders.

    Strangeco is the manufacturer and states that these charms will arrive in the Spring. That means late March/early May depending on what you call spring.

    However, I do want to warn everyone that occasionally release dates of brand-new toys are pushed back unexpectedly due to a variety of reasons. We will make sure to post up any news we get on the arrival dates right there in the description of the product on our site.

    And if anyone has any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us:

  11. Dana says:

    hey hey heyyy!! these are available on the website!!!

  12. jessakamitz says:

    ^dana (if youre the dana im thinkin of in HI)…will be too expensive to ship to us :P i think ordering from tenacious toys will be cheaper bc of the shipping haha.

    note: he has less than 70 might wanna hurry and order!

  13. Dana says:

    ^jessakamitz:: yes i’m the dana from HI =) and thanks for the awesome tip… shipping to HI is sooooooooo ridiculous!!

  14. Angie says:

    Just got my frenzies and my luck I got two soyas…hope I have better luck with the next batch I get.

  15. Elva says:

    These will be sold at select T-mobile corporate stores in Los Angeles. Our store just received them today.

  16. Puasmommy says:

    Still waiting to receive my tokidoki zipper pulls that I pre-ordered from tenacious toys in Feb. says theirs are out of stock…not sure if they were ever in stock or their pre-orders are all full?
    Anybody got theirs yet?

  17. Angie says:

    I recieved 3 frenzies from the Tokidoki site. I still have not recieved mine from tenacious toys yet…I ordered mine in Feb. as well. Oh I have 3 more coming from the tokidoki site in a few days. So they did have some. Hope that helps!

  18. puasmommy says:

    Thanks Angie :)
    Benny from Tenacious Toys emailed me after I inquired about my order and he said the company has not rec’d them yet, but as soon as they do they’ll be sent to us…hopefully that’s soon!
    I would love to have ordered from, but the shipping cost to Hawaii is outrageous!
    Which characters did you get? I’m open to trading duplicates if anyone is interested? I’ll post back when I receive mine :)

  19. Angie says:

    puasmommy- I received two Soya’s and one choco. My luck two of the same on the first batch!

  20. Angie says:

    Oh I also am open to trading duplicates!

  21. luvtokidoki says:

    Hi Angie & puasmommy –

    I got three (3) ciao ciaos frienzies in my first order from the tokidoki site.

    Would you be interested in trading with me?

    If yes – email me at luvtokidoki @ gmail . com

    I look forward to hearing from you!

  22. puasmommy says:

    The Ciao Ciao must be common, because I also got 2 out of the 9 that I bought at Split Obsession in Hawaii Kai.

    Angie- If you want to trade one for a Soya, I’d be happy to.

    As soon as I receive my order from Tenacious Toys I’ll let you know if I have any other duplicates to trade…or if I can’t wait, I’ll probably buy a few more boxes locally.

    luvtokidoki- Thanks for the message, keep in touch!

  23. Angie says:

    Has anyone recieved there frenzies from tenacious toys???? I would love to do some trading once my others come in.

  24. Angie – I haven’t gotten mine yet. I think they’re supposed to be shipped this month…. Anyone else know? I’m pretty sure that’s what the last update was. This is taking a loooong time!
    As soon as I get mine, I’ll let you guys know what trades I’m up for! :-)
    Hope everyone is able to get what they want! :-D

  25. luvtokidoki says:

    i just put in new order with myplasticheart. i hope to have better luck next time. =)

    i would love a soya or any of the moofia frenzies. i also have a soccer bomb and peaches, in addition to the ciao ciaos to trade.

    everyone, please let me know if you’re interested in trading! my email is included in my previous post on 7/7/09. thanks!

  26. puasmommy says:

    I paid for my Tenacious Toys order in Feb. and still haven’t rec’d them :(
    I contacted Benny there and his response is posted under my name a few messages above this…

  27. Here’s part of an update email from Tenacious Toys that I got today:

    ‘Dear all,

    Our credit card has been charged for the tokidoki Frenzies zipper pulls/keychains. Part of that charge was for shipping of the packages to us so I know for a fact that they are in transit on the way to us right now from California. All preorders will ship ASAP upon arrival.’

    YAY! :-D

  28. puasmommy says:

    When did you place your order with Tenacious Toys? I placed my order in February, my credit card was charged in February, and I am still waiting to receive the Tokidoki Frenzies because I was told they have not gotten them yet…

  29. I placed my order Feb 8 – the same day of this original post. :-) So, looks like we’re in the same boat!

    I emailed Benny (that’s his name, right?) in May I think, and he told me what all was going on. And I signed up for the TT newsletter so that I would get any updates re: the frenzies. He’s pretty good about keeping everyone posted about the progress.

    (I ordered 10 (it’s taken so long that I don’t even have a phone that I can put a lanyard on anymore…) and I was feeling guilty about spending all the money. But it’s so long gone, that I don’t even care anymore! I just hope that I get them this year sometime! :-P)

  30. HB says:

    Hi Guys,

    I bought a case and have several frenzies to unload :)

    I have most of the moofia characters, sabo chan, momo and bulleto :)

    For Sale, not interested in trades at this time


  31. luvtokidoki says:

    I just got my shipment from myplasticheart. (Great order experience – I recommend them.) This time around I got 2 Lattes and the superhero guy (don’t know the name)!

    I would love to trade for a soya, leche, or any of the moofia characters. Let me know – my email is on my post on 7/7/09.

    Items I have to trade:
    3 ciao ciao
    2 latte
    1 soccer bomb
    1 peaches
    1 superhero guy

  32. Angie says:

    I am just waiting for my next order to arrive and I will let everyone know what I have to trade. :)

  33. Puasmommy says:

    Just rec’d an email from Benny @ Tenacious Toys…my frenzies have been shipped :) He even included the usps tracking number. Might take a few days from NY to HI but I’m happy!
    Will post any available for trade…soon!

  34. Angie says:

    Mine got shipped as well! :) Benny is super nice to if you ever need any questioins answered! Good luck with everyones frenzies. I will post as soon as I get mine what I have to trade.

  35. Tofufar says:

    got the Zipper Pull from Tenacious Toys… i ordered 20 of them and got it today…

    only Sandy, Moofia and Choco(milkbox) is double.. other than that.. i got Adios, Ciao Ciao, Chili(came in a pair), Latte, Soya, Bomberman, Adios bomb, Rainbow… and other…

    i plan to order more !! YEah !!!

  36. Puasmommy says:

    Tofufar :) cool!
    When I bought some locally since I was impatiently waiting for my Tenacious Toys order I also got a pair of Chilis in one box…I thought it was a mistake! So Bomberman is his name, that one might be my favorite, he’s a cutie!
    You didn’t get very many duplicates out of 20, that’s great! I ordered 15 so we’ll see??? Are you willing to make trades for your duplicate ones? I’ll post back…when mine arrive :)

  37. Tofufar says:


    Sure. i’ll double check what i have and post whatever i want to trade for..

  38. Well, I got my order of 10 frenzies and I have no duplicates, which I am thrilled about! But, I do have a few that I am willing to trade for some others I’d rather have.

    Here’s what I’ve got to give up:
    Lowfat 2%
    Baby bottle

    Here are the ones I’d *like* to have:
    Strawberry latte

    If anyone is willing to trade, (or would sell me any of the ones I listed) just let me know!

    @lovtokidoki: wanna trade any of mine with your extra Bomberman?

    Hope everyone else gets their shipments soon and gets the ones they want! :-D

  39. Lisa says:

    I was out of the office yesterday when an entire box of 48 Frenzies arrived from Tenacious Toys.

    Couldn’t wait to get to work today and opened them all !! :)

    I will have to take stock again and decide which ones to trade.

  40. HB says:

    update – I still have

    soccer ball
    baby milk
    milk bottle

    for sale or trade ^^ contact me at


  41. puasmommy says:

    Yay! My order arrived today :)

    Willing to trade…
    Ciao Ciao
    Moofia character with Japanese characters

    Looking for:
    Adios bomb

    Feel free to email me at:

  42. luvtokidoki says:

    hello! this is so exciting!

    @smoke_monster – thanks for the note! i traded my original bomberman/superhero guy already, only to discover my little sis wanted one! oh no! so i am madly looking for a new one for her.

    i still have a ciao ciao and momobella to trade. i am looking for soya and the peperoncino pair, or rainbow. my email is on my post on 7/7/09 above.

    also, a lovely fellow tokidoki trader pointed me to the tokidoki forum ( there are lots of lovely fellow collectors who want to trade,sell, or buy. my forum name is luvtokidoki.

  43. HB says:

    just an update – I’m looking for bastardino – if anyone out there has extras, send me an email at

    I have several frenzies to trade for ^^

    Thank You

  44. luvtokidoki says:

    Some of my trades fell through. :(

    I have a 2 Ciao Ciaos and a momobella to trade.

    I’m looking for for Superboy, Rainbow, and Chili pair.

    Contact me at luvtokidoki @

  45. jenn says:

    i have baby milk that im looking to trade for. i would like to get ciao ciao, rainbow or sandy catus!!

  46. Angie says:

    So I got my box today from tenious toys and to my disappoinment someone from the post office stole my frenzies! Who would have known. Sooooo Sad! :(

  47. HB says:

    ^ that is the most horrible news I’ve heard all week — how are you going to get reimbursed?

  48. puasmommy says:

    Tenacious Toys now has OPEN boxes of Tokidoki Frenzies for purchase.
    Prices are $4.95 plus shipping. The chilis are $6.95?
    Use promo code ILUVTOKI for 10% off

  49. Rede says:

    No shipping with any $100+ order from tenacious toys!

  50. Angie says:

    Not too sure about the reimbursment. Or if that is an option since I have a shifty mail lady. I have a sleeve of toki art and she always sees it. Plus she questioned me about a box I recieved from My plastic heart. I think she took them. The box I recieved was not even the box that Benny shipped them in. Who else woul dhave been able to change out the boxes but the mail lady? Ahhhh I love my local post office!


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