tokidoki Bags on Sale at PLNDR

PLNDR has a selection of small tokidoki bags & wallets in the Cartolina, Pepe, Watercolor and Carmella prints on sale for 42% – 49% off. This sale will just for just over 3 days, so don’t wait to go take a peek if you are looking for a great deal on those prints!

You can also make the deal even sweeter by using rep code SR426 to get an extra 10% off at checkout. (PLNDR is owned by Karmaloop, so this code works on both sites!)

PLNDR is a members-only online boutique that hosts limited time sales (usually 48 to 72 hours) offering the best from cutting-edge brands at prices up to 80% off. It’s free to join – just click one of the PLNDR links in this post to sign up.

54 Responses to “tokidoki Bags on Sale at PLNDR”

  1. Alexis says:

    are you guys going to put up the new tokidoki X marvel stuff? there’s pre-orders up everywhere

  2. Katherine says:

    Hello hello, I tried the promo code for 10% off and it’s not working. =(

  3. Katherine – it’s a rep code, not a promo code, so make sure you use it in the Rep Code box at checkout. It definitely works!

  4. HelixPEA says:

    New Fall Items on tokidoki website.. I think. Haha. :)

  5. Jen says:

    Yea even more new fall clothes on the karmaloop site!!

  6. Zoey says:

    when cn u guys open a store in south africa,western province, somerset west plz OPEN ONE im desperate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Linde says:

    A new print, Americana and a new tote bag are up on ebags!!!!!

  8. Jessi says:

    Linde- Thanks for sharing the infor! Wow! It looks like there are three new prints, one with girls reading, one fairytale themed and the America one you mentioned! I wonder what color the lining is. In some views it looks like an orange-y color and others it looks hot pink. I LOVE the unicorn keychaing :)

  9. Barry says:

    Thank you for the news!! i love the unicorn keychain!!!
    by the way, has the owner stopped to update this blog? please dont!

  10. Vanessa says:

    weird, i went on ebags after linde’s post yesterday and i could see them! this morning when i went back they were gone! at least the prints looks more like the scenes from the lesportsac line! Bummer thought i missed seeing the fairytale one! hopefully they’ll be back up soon!!

  11. AutumnAme says:

    TKDK’s official site now has the Bacietto & Savana in Paris tote hand bags, along with the Americana (lining: grapefruit) and Pantera (lining: Macedonia print) prints. Favola (lining: grapefruit) & Fumetto (lining: magenta) prints are not listed yet, could be well on its way.

    The prints do somewhat resemble the old school tkdk prints with characters all over the place. I can’t tell what the exterior materials are made out, whether it’s our beloved ripstop nylon or the horrid canvas. I’m all for it if its the former! I do love the new Unicorno charm and the tkdk imprint on the handles of the bags. Nice little changes after all that wait.

  12. HelixPEA says:

    Yeah, I like that the handles look similar to the original lesport sac straps.. Cute new print! Thanks for the info!

  13. Lola says:

    The new bags are a step (back) in the right direction, But they look like knockoffs to me, Something still cheap looking about them..
    They really messed up the brand as far as I’m concerned, they are way over priced for what they are tring to pass off.
    Kind of insulting actually

  14. HelixPEA says:

    Lola, I somewhat agree with you.. And all of these collaborations is getting a little out of hand. I feel like they’re whoring out the brand. While I love so many varieties and so much new merch, they should really think about the quality of the products they are putting their label on.

    The collab with Black Eyed Peas killed it for me. And the quality of this necklace is totally unacceptable: html

  15. Alexis says:

    @ HelixPEA omg i feel the same way! i keep wishing for them to go back, atleast get the rainbow zippers back, i mean ATLEAST, so it looks more put together

  16. Tati says:

    i like the fairytale print ^_^

  17. Joyce says:

    where can i c a pic of the fairytale bag?

  18. Tati says:

    Joyce- on ebags. zoom into all the different pictures.

  19. madie says:

    oh, this tokidoki blog isnt updating anymore? i hope the owner of this blog is doing ok. :(

  20. Jessi says:

    I think she just got a house or moved or something :) It’s okay I think we are doing okay updating each other on the comments of the older threads. Everyone needs a little break sometimes :)

  21. Joyce says:

    tati- :( for sum reason i still cant c it

  22. Elley says:

    @Joyce – Zoom in on the Dolci Hobo bag. And then look at the pic with the mannequin wearing the purse. You’ll see the fairytale one.

    I already bought an Dolci Americana so now I don’t know which bag I should get for the Fairytale one.

  23. Joyce says:

    @Tati n Elley- thanx so much i finally got to c it n its so cute!! i want it!! ^_^

  24. madie says:

    @jessi: oh that’s great for her! i was pretty worried cause i didnt see any announcement. :) thank u for your reply!!!

    really liking the americana and fairy tale prints but not enough to purchase them. :( i just am not digging the people characters with their long legs and lean physique. I like it when they were short and stout like vacanze. definitely dont like that lion sprinter figure either LOL anyway, glad to see the theme prints come back!

  25. Tati says:

    Madie- I’m glad these have a theme and are not just scattered characters. I really like the fairy tail one :] i would get the felice hobo and the wallet :] I’m not letting these pass buy and not get the matching sets like with the Lesportsac ones.

  26. Tati says:

    Help me out you guys… was this bag real? i feel like it’s so hard to tell with the OP print. 701&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT

  27. madie says:

    definitely….theme prints are so fun and set my mood when i carry them. lol
    I did see a small pic of the fairy print….but the pic was too small that i couldnt get a good look at all of the characters. i know it had a black background though (wish it was a foresty background setting to unite all the characters together….lol).

    i dont call myself a ‘true’ expert on OP print but i think that auction looks good. her feedback is perfect (which is always a plus!!!) and print looks good for OP (as compared to OP pics i’ve seen online). i think the zipper is ok too…something to still re-check though cause i dont know if OP has exceptions to the riri rule. otherwise, i myself would bid on that, but dont worry, i wont. LOL i like big bags….actually getting a OP BV in a few days! yeaaaaa! just email seller and ask if she’ll re-sell (maybe at a lower price!) .

    good luck!

  28. Tati says:

    Madie- Thank you! It’s hard to tell with the OP, i wanted to see if my skill were up to par ;) lol I dont have any large tokidoki bags besides a creativa i use for school. I would love a BV! Where did you find yours?

  29. emma L says:

    WOW. I thought after the pastel print things might be moving back up. Boy was I wrong. I don’t know what the name of the print is on the Dolci Hobo on ebags, but geeeze. If this was what came out instead of LeSportsac originally I would never be the follower I am today. I really don’t like the shape of the people on Americana, they don’t have any unique ‘tokidoki’ qualities to them.
    I respect him as an artist, really really, but maybe he is just too busy spreading himself thin. Do you think he may have another person drawing the bag prints now? (Please don’t tear me apart about that, i just thought of it)

  30. J5 says:

    You know Emma, I was thinking the same thing!
    IS Simone still doing the art for the bags? Is he even a part of the bags at all these days?
    They looks so cheep & wrong now, I swear they look like fakes.

  31. madie says:

    TATI: email me at originaloneonly at :) i’ll link u.

    EMMA: :D :D holy molly! i thought i was the only one in earth to think the same as u do about the “shape of the people of Americana’!!!!!! read my post above yours (about 5 posts above urs). LOL. that is the #1 reason i do not want to buy the newer bags b/c these new characters look so off!! they definitely dont look like tokidoki.
    LMAO@ ‘pastel print things’!!! i think u meant the watercolor print. LOL!! that was a really bad print…..but good for a 6-year old girl.

    now i feel somewhat sane. LOL. :) but gotta give simone some kuddos for bringing back theme prints….just not enough for me to buy though. sorry simone. :(

  32. madie says:

    TATI: emailed u. pls check ur inbox. sorry about the bird thing….i dont know how in the world that happened. that was not my doing at all. again sorry.
    hope to c u around there, ok? ;)

  33. Tati says:

    that bird thing was weird lol

    i already bought a bag lol!

  34. madie says:

    tati: yea i emailed yahoo and they said probably my email account was compromised. :/ i just changed my password for that account. if u didnt reply to it, i’d never would have known it was compromised by another user! (i just use that email for internet freebies, etc).

    Anyway, LOL, i cant believe u bought a bag already!!! congrats. what did u get? i hehe, i know i started this mess, but u just watch ur wallet, ok? :) lol

  35. Tati says:

    This is all your fault! >;(!

    =D I bought a vacanze ciao and a black cammo bella bella lol!
    It’s cool because i found the perfect print placement for the ciao. It’s what i always dreamed of =’)

    Sooooo…your e-mail was compromised by bird watchers? lmao!

  36. HelixPEA says:

    About that fantasy bag.. that’s the only bag that I would consider buying within this past year. Most of the bags have been.. meh. I agree with you all on the bag topic.. seems like the quality has been going down.. ever since all the collaborations left and right started. I certainly hope Simone Legno is still the designer behind EVERYTHING, but I’m starting to feel like maybe he does have different teams working on different projects.. I hate to say it, but the word ‘sell-out’ and ‘cash-in’ comes to mind… :(

    Anyway, does anyone know where I can get a Fantasy bag?

  37. HelixPEA says:

    Oh yeah, and did anyone see those newly announced tokidoki x onitsuka tiger shoes? Anyone going to get any? I wish they would make more girly flats like they did on their first release.. those were really cute.

  38. danielle says:

    yes i love the onitsuka shoes!! i rlly want the low tops in white

  39. Tati says:

    Helix- The fairytale print isn’t out yet. i really want to see the full swatch; it looks pretty cute so far.

  40. madie says:

    tati: hehe! i really dont know who (if what yahoo says is true) went into my email. they said probably when i opened a spam mail, it had some ‘tracking device’…whatever. so whoever has my email is using it to use to advertise their stuff or whatever. hmmm. anyway i’m just glad u told me about it cause i never would have known. :( sorry about that….i’m sure u thought i was a crazy spamer. LOL
    oooh, u got a vacanze? what’s ur fav. characters on that? i like the abominable snowman guy. vacanze was my first ever toki, and is such a happy print! :D the camo is another awesome print; for the past few months, i’ve warmed up to camo print. hehe. So u done shopping for now? LOL. i cant believe u already got 2!! but i’m sure u got a deal!!

    i agree with u about waiting for the full swatch of fairytale print. the samples ebags had are too tiny to appreciate.

  41. Tati says:

    madie: it’s okay about the bird thing, it was just funny! lol I love the vacanze print cuz it’s so playful! i really like the little lambs and mozzarella! :]! they’re so cute! lol i have a vacanze denaro and the abominable snowman has center stage! I love his red gloves :D at first i wasnt a big fan of the cammo’s but i really wanted a bella bella and it makes me made when prints cut off lol! so i figured an all over print like the cammo would suit the bella bella better :)

    Are you still bag hunting? i really want a braccialetto !

  42. madie says:

    Tati, hehe, yea thanks for being a good sport about the bird email! *blushes* If that was me, i’d be like, “what?” :/ LOL.
    vacanze is definitely playful print! that’s really a good word to describe it, ‘playful’. lots of things going on in that print that everyone seems to have a different fav. character(s). oooooh a denaro with snowman on it!!! wow! denaros go for so much at that forum and fee-bay. the reason why i love abominable snowman cause he tries to look scary w/ his fangs and outstretched hands, but he’s a big fat cute fuzzy white monster. lol
    i agree with u on the cammos. i think cammos are esp. great for bella’s b/c of the zippers…and can go with any bag design b/c such tiny print.

    i can talk toki all day long. LOL

    me? bag hunting? no way. joking!!! ;) would love to own some of the Lesportsac buon viaggios but as you know, $$. :( so still hoping to find deal$ out there. :)

    so i guess u are actively looking for lesportsac toki’s only? :) how would u use a braccialetto? wrap it around your wrist? it seems tiny. :)

  43. ashley says:

    what happened to stephanie?!?!

  44. ke$harox11 says:

    ashley: idk i was wondering that myself!! i hope shes ok!

  45. Kelly says:

    Yeah, to not post on your active blog for a month and a half is very strange.

  46. Emma says:

    I recently noticed on ebay about 3 listings over the last few weeks of a shirt I received over 2 years ago as a gift that had adios and ciao ciao eating sushi together and thought ‘hmmm ok’ knowing it was out of print a very long time ago and is considered a collectors item. I just saw a HUGE stack of them today in Macy’s!! WTH! Why are they being reprinted? I used to be one of the ONLY girls in Honolulu with that shirt. I am just a little more than peeved. Any other reprints that you guys know about? I think we deserve to know. The thing that makes me more livid is that the new ebay listings are talking about how ‘rare’ this shirt is, how it’s a collectors item, and how hard it is to find.

  47. Krissy says:

    I just got the tokidoki skullcandy earbuds at a Marshalls for $16.99…..putting them away for my daughter for Xmas…Im so excited

  48. Joyce says:

    @krissy wut marshalls did u go to?

  49. Krissy says:

    Marshalls in Marshfield,MA…they were in the men’s section with the other electronics accessories

  50. Joyce says:

    thanks krissy!! i live in ny so i just rushed to my local marshalls n i found it n there was only one left XP so thanks for posting it ^_^


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