Easter Specials at tokidoki.it

There are a few specials going on at tokidoki.it this week!  If you live in the USA and order Truffle by 1:00pm PST today (that means hurry!), you will have him in time for Easter.  Every Easter basket needs a cactus bunny.  :)  And he just looks so cute in the graphic below!

tokidoki truffle vinyl toy

The adorable unicorn plushie known as Stellina is back in stock on tokidoki.it… and is also on sale for only $7.99 on ThinkGeek!  Kaiju is on sale for $7.99 on ThinkGeek too – thanks to SJ for pointing this out in the comments.  :)

tokidoki unicorn stellina plush

And any order over $75 between today and April 6, 2012 at 11:59pm PST will get the free limited edition canvas tote pictured below along with your order – while supplies last!

free tokidoki limited edition canvas tote

5 Responses to “Easter Specials at tokidoki.it”

  1. Sj says:

    Thinkgeek.com has Stellina and Kaiju IN STOCK and ON SALE for $7.99!!!

  2. @Sj: Oh, nice find! I am going to edit that info into the post.

  3. Okiedokie says:

    Do you know if you need a promo code for the free tote/ any way to find out if it’s still in stock? Wondering if it’s worth it;3

  4. @Okiedokie: There is no promo code required. You could call 1-866-TOKIDOKI to ask if the tote is still available before ordering.

  5. polym says:

    I ordered those from Think Geek and they arrived pretty fast – never would have thought to look there for tokidoki, but I was searching for something else and found them.


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