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Foresta Re-Release Hits eBay

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

As expected, the flood of extremely marked-up Foresta re-release bags has begun to hit eBay.  After checking out the prices, I’m thankful that I already have enough Foresta bags in my collection.   The new Foresta re-release bags look exactly like the original release, which I find a bit disappointing, except that they have Adios keychains instead of tokidoki for LeSportsac white bear qees.

Vacanze Print Released in Hawaii Today – Foresta Re-Release Tomorrow!

Monday, November 12th, 2007

Reader Heather just let me know that the tokidoki Vacanze print was released in Hawaii today, and the line was out the door before the store opened! She also reported that tomorrow will be the re-release of the Foresta print, which will be exclusive to the Ala Moana LeSportsac store on Oahu. (The Waikiki stores will not be stocking the Foresta re-release).

Foresta Re-Release Update

Monday, September 24th, 2007

Reader Kathy, who sent in the Foresta print re-release information in this post, just let me know that she does live in Hawaii. So I think it’s safe to bet at this point that the Foresta re-release is going to be happening in Hawaii (and possibly Guam) only. Bummer!!

More info thanks to Enigma in the comments – according to a LeSportsac SA in Hawaii, they are expecting to receive their Foresta re-release shipment in November 2007!

Update on Past tokidoki Prints Re-Release Rumor

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

Reader Kathy wrote in with this exciting update about the rumored re-release of old tokidoki bag prints in 2008:

“I was told today that the first print to be re-released is Foresta. It should come out in 2008. One of my friends works for LeSportsac and she told me that the buyer already put the order in for them. She also told me that they are asking all the customers which print they would like to see re-released.”


New Additions to My tokidoki Collection

Monday, July 16th, 2007

I have added some new items to my tokidoki collection this month that I just adore – a Foresta Trenino, Adios Star Denaro, and a tokidoki journal (as cute as it is, I do intend to write in it!). Here are some photos:

my tokidoki collection newest additions

my tokidoki collection newest additions

my tokidoki collection newest additions

Fake Tokidoki Bags in Asia

Sunday, June 17th, 2007

A Tokidoki Blog reader from Asia sent in these 3 photos of TONS of fake Tokidoki bags in a booth in her city – check them out to see a big assortment of the many fake bag styles and prints that are out there. Pictured are fake original Tokidoki print bags, fake Foresta bags, fake Inferno bags, fake Citta & Citta Rosa bags, and some made-up print that doesn’t even exist. Click the thumbnails to see the super-sized pics.

Fake Tokidoki bags in Asia 1 Fake Tokidoki bags in Asia 2 Fake Tokidoki bags in Asia 3

My Tokidoki Collection Part 4: Third Season (Fall 2006) Bags

Monday, April 16th, 2007

My Tokidoki Collection - Fall 2006

Pictured: Foresta Buon Viaggio, Foresta Ciao Ciao, Foresta Denaro wallet, Foresta Campeggio, Citta Zucca, Citta Ciao Ciao.

I have the original Tokidoki qees attached to all of my bags, except my Foresta Buon Viaggio, which has a green Addidas qee and a Tado Fortune Pork mini plush tree attached. (Does anyone else love Fortune Pork?!)