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More Spring 2008 Sizing Help

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

In response to our requests for more help with picking the right tokidoki clothing sizes when shopping online, Trendy Stars just added sizing charts for each of the new Spring 2008 tokidoki clothing items (under “Product Description” when you click on each item). Note that the all-over print t-shirt runs larger than all of the other t-shirts from this season – from the sound of it, the rest of the t-shirts this season are all sized the same as last season. That might be a relief to some of you. I just ordered the stripey tie-front top, the tunic, and the Ciao Ciao t-shirt – and I’m sure that I ordered the correct sizes now, yaaaaay. :D

Spring 2008 Clothing Sizing

Monday, January 14th, 2008

I just received my package from The Giant Peach containing the Adios & Ciao Ciao all-over print t-shirt, hoodie, and raincoat, and I love it all! The sizing is quite different from the holiday 2007 clothing though. My spring 2008 t-shirt is 2 inches longer than my brown holiday 2007 t-shirt with Sandy on the swing, even though both tees are the same size. In contrast, the spring 2008 hoodie that I got is 2 inches shorter than my tan holiday 2007 hoodie with Sandy on the swing. It is also 2 inches narrower in width, so it is more of a slim fit. Therefore my sizing advice for those who buy online is to size down with the t-shirts if you are on the fence between sizes, but size up with the hoodies. For the raincoat, I got a Medium and I am happy with the fit. If anyone needs measurements, just ask. A Small would have also fit me, but I prefer the extra breathing room since the PVC the raincoats are made of has no give to it. So for the raincoat sizing I recommend that you go with whatever size tokidoki t-shirt usually fits you most comfortably.