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San Francisco Fans, Get Ready!

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

This just in from our ever-helpful JLSF!

To every tokidoki and/or Hello Kitty fan out there waiting:
Thanks for your patience with this line, and for waiting on us to FINALLY receive it… I am at work right now and I have been informed that the new tokidoki x Hello Kitty line has finally shipped out to SF and Ala Moana and will possibly be here on Wednesday 1-28-2009. REMEMBER!!! ANYONE THAT WAS ON THE CONTACT LIST. I BEG OF YOU TO BE PATIENT ONE MORE DAY haha… we will contact EVERYONE on that list…

Soooo, last little thing is that, it will STILL be first come first serve ABSOLUTELY NO HOLDS WHATSOEVER, and we are limited to ONE i repeat ONE item of each design maximum PER CUSTOMER.
Now, I implore you to be nice to us….. haha please? T_T The manager will be the one in the morning shift, and I will be at the store at 3pm PST…. and I know it’s gonna be high demand but be nice to our phone too… i don’t want it exploding and being flooded… well.. not too much at least haha… good luck and thank you for your business.”

New 2009 tokidoki Clothing

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

Trendy Stars just received a shipment of the new 2009 tokidoki Monogram Collection of clothing.  Here are a few peeks – I especially love the print on the new Donuttella top:
tokidoki 2009 clothing

Trendy Stars has also placed their remaining tokidoki for Hello Kitty merchandise on clearance.

Today’s tokidoki Tidbits

Saturday, December 13th, 2008

The Giant Peach and Trendy Stars just added two new styles of adorable baby onesies:

tokidoki onesies

Happy Six is having a grand opening party for its new Plaza El Segundo location (in California), hosted by tokidoki, from 2pm-5pm this afternoon. Simone will be appearing at the event, and the first 50 guests will receive tokidoki prizes.

Happy Six party

The store is running a new promotion through December 15th at 11:59pm EST – spend $100 and receive a free Mozzarella ornament:

Mozzarella ornament promo

The full line of tokidoki for Hello Kitty II items have been posted to the Sanrio Japan website (with prices in yen). Thanks ciNNie for letting me know. Also, thanks to those posting updates about how the NY Times Square store received their shipment of tokidoki for Hello Kitty II items yesterday. I am sure that our ever-helpful JL SF will also keep us posted about when the items will arrive in San Francisco!

Info and Photos for the tokidoki for Hello Kitty II Line

Monday, December 8th, 2008

Reader Veronica has done a whole bunch of research on the new tokidoki for Hello Kitty II line, and has all of this news to share with us:

“I spoke to Sales Associate Adrian at the San Francisco Sanrio store and they are expecting the new tokidoki for Hello Kitty Line in January. She couldn’t tell me exactly when since they are coming from Japan and if you remember the first tokidoki For Hello Kitty Line ran later than expected (there was a problem with the supplier). I also called the New York Times Square Store but they are more tight lipped about it, only saying they are expecting the line but offered few details as to time frame, items expected, etc. San Francisco did start a list of both phone numbers as well as e-mail addresses – they plan to send out a mass e-mail and text message when the line arrives in their store.

There will be no waiting list this time since there were many complaints from the general public saying it wasn’t fair to all. There will be no holds on the day of the release. However, they will take credit cards over the phone but you MUST be there by the closing of the store that day to sign and pick up of your merchandise. I also called Hawaii and they knew nothing in regards to the new line. They said that they haven’t heard anything from the home office in regards to the tokidoki For Hello Kitty line. I don’t know who will carry it in the Los Angeles area since Momoberry closed during the first tokidoki For Hello Kitty line. I tried calling JapanLA but they could not tell me much information. She did mention that they may carry the line but could not say what since the buyer was not in.”


Also, here are photos of the items in the tokidoki for Hello Kitty II line, thanks to the Cute Kitty blog! There are a TON of photos, so be sure to click the “read the rest of this entry” link at the bottom of this post to see them all.


Tons of News

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

1. There is a new line of tokidoki for Hello Kitty items available. A bunch of the new items have popped up on eBay and there is a teaser for them on the Sanrio Japan website. I also have lots of photos of the new line that I will try to post within the next few days. Thanks to Veronica, Luna, and Ash for the heads up.

2. Coming up in few days in New York City: tokidoki bag SAMPLE SALE! Thanks to pychobeauty for the heads up on this one. The details:
December 7th to 10th
Sun 10am to 7pm • Mon-Wed 8am to 7pm
The Metropolitan Pavilion
123 West 18 Street
(6th-7th Avenues) 4th Floor

212.736.6262 ext 2007
Sample & stock sale. Back by popular demand, over 20,000 treasures from the Classic Collection. Tons of gifts under $10. There will be a huge selection with over 400 styles from the current and past collections. Handbags, totes, weekenders, backpacks, messenger bags, computer bags, garment bags, toiletry kits, cosmetic cases, wallets… all of the classics. Also 15,000 pieces from tokidoki, Mens/Guys and Beach and Stella McCartney.
Prices are 60 to 80 percent off.
Cash, Mastercard, Visa & American Express accepted. All sales final.

3. The tokidoki nurse scrubs are out now for all of you in the medical profession! Ashley A. & Meghan let me know about this.

4. There are two promos running right now at Spend $200 and get a FREE Playground II Bracelet, plus FREE UPS GROUND shipping on orders $75 and above.

5. Bridget let me know that Just dropping in to let you know that all tokidoki bags at Toy Tokyo (excluding the SDCC08 shopper tote) are 10% off with no expiration to this offer until the bags sell out. They still have the Carnival, Eco Mondo, Concerto Punk, and Celebrazione prints in stock, and everything must go! The offer is valid in-store only at their NYC East Village location.

6. The new tokidoki tees have arrived at Karmaloop. Use Karmaloop coupon code SR426 in the rep code box at checkout to get them for 20% off.

If I forgot anything or forgot to credit anyone, let me know – things have been very crazy at work lately so I am a little behind on my e-mails and updates!

Eco Mondo Clothing at Trendy Stars

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

Trendy Stars just added the new line of Eco Mondo clothing (and a new set of tokidoki for Hello Kitty cellphone and keyring charms too).  Trendy Stars’ photos give us a better look at all of the details on each item (many of them have front and back prints) as well as the prices.  Here are a few highlights:
tokidoki Eco Mondo clothing

The Reduce Reuse shirt is my favorite.

Videos, Sales, and Shoes

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

Reader Caty just let me know that she was at STCC (Singapore Toy and Comic Convention) this past weekend for Simone Legno’s appearance. She took some video and photos of him performing a live art demo and wanted to share them with us. :)

Other tid-bits:

  • Pulse has a few tokidoki items on sale for 40% off
  • Karmaloop just added the tokidoki for Hello Kitty wallet and pencil cases – hopefully those of you who are still trying to get ahold of them can finally snag them for a great price (20% off as always with rep code SR426 at checkout!)
  • And finally, Jessica let me know that the tokidoki for Onitsuka Tiger sneakers are now available online at Nordstrom

Now Available in the tokidoki Online Shop

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

Reader Bree let me know that the tokidoki online shop just added more items from the tokidoki for Hello Kitty line (letter sets, notebooks, cellphone charms, pens, mirror, cosmetic pouches, and business card case).  Skeletrino and Skeletrina just popped up in their toys section as well.

New Arrivals and Sales

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

Trendy Stars and The Giant Peach just added a bunch more tokidoki for Hello Kitty items, including the green pencil case that some of you have been looking for.

Tobi just added some tokidoki items to their 30% off clearance sale (thanks to reader Patricia for letting me know).

Karmaloop added some tokidoki jewelery to their inventory, and rep code SR426 is still valid for 20% off.

Onitsuka Tiger Shoe News, Plushies, and Re-Release Rumor Mill

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

Alert for Those Who Received Their tokidoki for Onitsuka Tiger Orders This Week
For those of you who are upset that you didn’t receive the Tiger Toy in the box along with your tokidoki for Onitsuka Tiger orders this week, good news. Onitsuka Tiger accidentally left them out of the boxes, but tokidoki let me know that they will be shipping a Tiger Toy to everyone that bought the shoes via the website at once.

Trendy Stars just let me know that they added the tokidoki for Hello Kitty plush toys to their shop (and they ship internationally for those of you not in the USA!).

The Hawaii tokidoki Bag Print Re-Release Plot Thickens
Ku`uipo let me know that the SAs at the LeSportsac store in Ala Moana re-confirmed that Spiaggia re-release is later this month. They also said that Famiglia will be re-released in July in limited bag styles, and Trasporto will be re-released in August. (Take this info with a grain of salt, since there are so many conflicting rumors about the re-releases out there right now!) The Ala Moana SAs also said that they will NOT be carrying the new line of 2008 tokidoki bags.