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My Vacanze Buon Viaggio Just Arrived!

Saturday, October 27th, 2007

Yaaaay I am so excited – my Vacanze Buon Viaggio from Pulse just arrived! Casey was so nice and helpful in picking out my perfect print placement for me and shipping it out so quickly. I love it! :)

tokidoki vacanze buon viaggio front

tokidoki vacanze buon viaggio back

Vacanze Spotted in Los Angeles, NYC and Houston

Saturday, October 27th, 2007

JapanLA of Los Angeles, CA has their Vacanze bag shipment in – they are accepting walk-in or telephone orders for them, and have the following styles available: Ciao, Gioco, Buon Viaggio, Zucca, Avventura, Stellina, Dolce, Bambino, Bambinone, Campeggio, Denaro, Canguro, and Cucciolo. My partner in tokidoki shopping crime let me know that Virgin Megastore in Times Square, NYC has Vacanze Ciao Ciaos, Stellinas, and Giocos, as well as a few Trasporto bags left in stock. Reader Rachel also let me know that a store called Domy Books at 1709 Westheimer in Houston, TX has 4 Vacanze items in stock and a handful of tokidoki bags from past seasons as well.

If you have found tokidoki Vacanze bags in your city, post where you have seen them in the comments. :)

LeSportsac is Accepting tokidoki Vacanze Bag Pre-Orders

Friday, October 26th, 2007

Just to make sure that everyone saw this: hoefler just left a comment that she called LeSportsac and was able to place a Vacanze bag order by phone – the Vacanze print was released today for pre-orders. Pre-orders will start shipping on Monday. Also, you can’t use the coupon code over the phone (she asked!). The woman that hoefler spoke to was not sure of the exact online release date.

If You Pre-Ordered a Vacanze Bag from Pulse…

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

Pulse received their shipment of tokidoki Vacanze print bags today, yaaay! If you pre-ordered from them, check for a phone or e-mail message from Casey if you haven’t received one already. If you didn’t pre-order, you can send them an e-mail to see which Vacanze bag styles they have left after filling their pre-orders. I know that they are sold out of Vacanze denaros. Update: tokidoki Vacanze Print Coming Next Week

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

Reader SJL just spoke to a representative at LeSportsac and was told that Vacanze print bags would be up on next week! I’m going to add the caveat that the info that LeSportsac reps give out is not always completely confirmed, but for what it’s worth, get ready. :) Also, the luckybreaks6 25% off coupon code for expires on November 1st*. I’m *guessing* that means that the Vacanze bags will be up on November 2nd.

* UPDATE:  The code doesn’t expire until December 3rd!

And the First Mainland USA Store to get tokidoki Vacanze Print Bags in Stock is…

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

Bear and Bird Boutique + Gallery
Located inside/upstairs at: TATE’S Comics+Toys+Videos+More
4566 N. University Drive
Lauderhill, Florida 33351

Phone: 954-748-0181

They accept orders via e-mail/paypal/phone, and they ship using USPS Priority Mail.

E-mail orders are preferred so that each order can be filled in the order it is received – contact Amanda at: if you are interested in placing an order. They still have a bunch of bags from past prints in stock as well.

Here is a photo of some of their new Vacanze bag stock:

vacanze bags at bear and bird

And here is a photo of their in store tokidoki display:

vacanze bags at bear and bird

Thanks to reader Leah for letting me know about this shop!

The First tokidoki Vacanze Print Bag Has Arrived on eBay

Friday, October 5th, 2007

I just found a tokidoki Vacanze Mamma Mia bag on eBay, and you know what that means – it won’t be much longer before the Vacanze print starts showing up in stores.  I can’t wait!

Catching Up Again

Monday, September 3rd, 2007

I’m back again for a few days and catching up on tokidoki news, comments, and e-mails (check my Infrequent Posting Alert if you haven’t seen it yet). Here is a run-down of updates:

1. The tokidoki for LeSportsac Web site has finally been updated, and they have both Tutti and Trasporto bags for sale online now! It appears that the official spelling of the Trasporto print does not include an “N” after all. The inventory that they have shows that the Bella, Braccialetto, Bocce and Corriere styles are no longer available. Caramella and Mamma Mia style bags will only be available in Hawaii and Guam for the last 3 prints. There is also one new bag style – the Avventura. I tried the Avventura on at Macy’s, and it is HUGE. Readers have also spotted Trasporto bags on eBay and at A. Okay Official in Chicago, and JapanLA reported that they have their shipment of Trasporto bags in now too.

2. The Southampton LeSportsac outlet is having a Labor Day Sale: 40% off all tokidoki bags for ONE day only, which is TODAY (Monday, September 3rd)!

3. The upcoming tokidoki for Onitsuka Tiger colaboration that I first posted about in this SDCC post and this SDCC post has been confirmed on both the tokidoki and Onitsuka Tiger Web sites, and we can expect two collections of sneaker designs per year for the next two years, beginning in May 2008.

4. Reader Leigh reported that a Macy’s store near Atlantic City, NJ has Pirata and Bianco print tokidoki bags on sale for 50% off in an unmarked sale, so check your local Macy’s to see if they are offering the same deal.

5. The Fall 2007 line of tokidoki clothing is out at all of the stores now. Karmaloop has 5 new pieces of tokidoki clothing up now, and they are 20% off if you use Karmaloop coupon code SR426 in the Rep Code field at checkout. I’m kicking myself for not waiting to get the lattes and moofia all-over print tee from them!

6. Photos of a Vacanze Avventura and a Vacanze Zucca have been found on Giant Peach News.

Vacanze Print Preview Released on LeSportsac Japan Web Site

Saturday, August 18th, 2007

I know I’m a little late with this, but since I’m back online again (hi everyone! *waves*), here it is – the latest small-and-kind-of-blurry print preview from the LeSportsac Japan Web site is up, the much-anticipated Vacanze print:

tokidoki vacanze print preview

And since that’s up now, I guess it’s also safe to post this full print swatch as well:

[ edit on 8/22/07: or not. :P Swatch removed per tokidoki's request. ]

And now I’m off to start trying to catch up on responding to comments and e-mails from the past week. :)

Full Picture of the tokidoki Tutti Print

Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

For those of you who haven’t seen a full swatch of the Tutti print, here it is! Thanks to Brie for sending this in – and reminding me that I hadn’t posted it yet!

tokidoki tutti print

Also, a note about the Vacanze print since readers keep e-mailing me the swatch of it, sometimes as often as twice a day – I do have this swatch already, but am intentionally not posting it until the print is officially released by LeSportsac, per the tokidoki company’s request. Thanks for understanding. ♥